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How to Know What Vaccinations I Have had?

By Sara . Updated: March 15, 2018
How to Know What Vaccinations I Have had?

Records of vaccinations a person has already had is very important. It is often necessary for paperwork during entry into school, summer camp, college, employment or even for international travels. When you receive vaccinations, you are also given a paper record. If either you or your parents have somehow misplaced the record then it might become a problem. So, it is necessary to know what vaccinations a person already have had. Read this onehowto article for the necessary tips on how to know what vaccinations I have had.

  1. Visit the local public health unit
  2. Contact the family doctor
  3. Contact all healthcare providers
  4. Search your home
  5. Visit local immunization registry
  6. Blood test

Visit the local public health unit

Most people are vaccinated at their local public health unit. So, if you too were immunized in your local health unit then visit it and ask for the records of all the vaccinations you have had. If you have studied in a local school and you were vaccinated in school then also your records will be present in the local public health unit.

Contact the family doctor

If you have a family doctor who had vaccinated you then you are quite fortunate. This is because you just have to contact your family doctor to obtain all the records of your vaccinations.

Contact all healthcare providers

If your childhood was spent in more than one place then chances are that you might have had one vaccination in a certain place while the other in another place. So, visit all those healthcare providers and request the record or your vaccinations from all of them.

Search your home

If you have changed lots of homes then chances are that your vaccination records are buried beneath old documents in some old files. Also if all your vaccinations have been done in your early childhood then your parents might have filed it away in some corner. So, search the places where old papers and files are kept and if you are lucky enough then you might discover all the records of your vaccinations right in your home.

Sometimes, different vaccination records are left in various different places. We just hope you don't have to turn the house upside down to find them all!

Visit local immunization registry

Some places have a centralized registry which keeps all the records of vaccines given by local providers. Check these centers and you can find out all your records at just one place.

Blood test

If you can’t find your vaccination records at any of these places then you need a blood test. Blood test help to determine your immunity to the diseases. If there are certain diseases of which you are not immune then you need to have those vaccinations immediately.

How to Know What Vaccinations I Have had? - Blood test

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How to Know What Vaccinations I Have had?