How to Increase Alkaline Phosphatase

By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: August 3, 2020
How to Increase Alkaline Phosphatase

Alkaline phosphatase, also known as ALP, is a natural protein found in human body tissues. The liver, bile ducts and bones contain ALP in higher amounts than other body organs. Produced primarily in the bones and liver, these ALP enzymes split off acidic mineral phosphorus, and create alkaline pH balance. Its major function is to protect your intestinal tract against bacteria, help digestion, breakdown fats and some B vitamins, and aid proper formation of the bones. Low alkaline phosphatase levels can lead to a number of problems in your body. Read on this article to know how to increase alkaline phosphatase.

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Increase phosphorus content in your body

Phosphorus is an important nutrient that is helpful in creating ALP in your body. The phosphorus amount that you need everyday is as large as calcium. In addition to increasing ALP content in your body, phosphorus will also help you by enhancing your energy levels, forming healthy bones, absorbing calcium and producing DNA. Most of the phosphorus will come in your diet by way of soft drinks, but you can choose other healthier options as well, such as lentils, yogurt, salmon, chicken, halibut, eggs, almonds, turkey etc.

How to Increase Alkaline Phosphatase - Increase phosphorus content in your body

Consume more fats and oils

Alkaline phosphatase is very important for the absorption and digestion of fats in your intestinal tract. Some oils have even been found to stimulate production of ALP in your body. According to a study, oils like cod liver oil, coconut oil and corn oil are extremely helpful in elevating ALP levels in your blood.

How to Increase Alkaline Phosphatase - Consume more fats and oils

Take more zinc

An adequate amount of zinc in your diet is very important to increase alkaline phosphatase in your body. Deficiency of this mineral can result in low ALP in your blood. If you are deficient in zinc, supplement zinc quickly to reach healthy levels of alkaline phosphatase. In addition to this, zinc is also important for the formation of healthy bones, to support healthy skin and to improve immune system. Foods like pumpkin seeds, pecans, peas, Brazil nuts, ginger root and oysters are rich sources of zinc. You can also take zinc supplements if you are too low in zinc.

How to Increase Alkaline Phosphatase - Take more zinc

Increase consumption of vitamin A

Vitamin A is extremely helpful in the production of ALP from the bone cells. It can also help in regulating production of ALP in your intestinal tract. Richest sources of this vitamin include chili peppers, kale, carrots, dandelion root, sweet potatoes, spinach, apricots, liver etc. Some fish oils like cod liver oil and salmon oil are also rich in vitamin A.

Raise vitamin B12 consumption

Deficiency of vitamin B12 may lead to the development of pernicious anemia, which is a condition related to low levels of alkaline phoshatase in the body. It can also result in a number of bone diseases, like osteoporosis. Vitamin B12 may be found in fish, eggs, most meats, sea vegetables and dairy products. Vegetarian people are suggested to take vitamin B12 through supplements.

How to Increase Alkaline Phosphatase - Raise vitamin B12 consumption

Avoid foods that reduce your alkaline phosphatase content

Foods that are very rich in vitamin D can actually reduce your ALP levels. Certain fish types, like sardine, shrimp and salmon are rich in this vitamin and can reduce alkaline phosphatase in your body. Milk is also a good source of vitamin D which you should avoid if you want to increase your ALP levels.

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How to Increase Alkaline Phosphatase
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How to Increase Alkaline Phosphatase

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