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How To Attract Positive Energy At Home

Max. D Gray
By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How To Attract Positive Energy At Home

If you want to make a change in your life and live more positively you should know that change starts within. According to quantum psychology, defended by philosophers like David Hume, the human being is a magnet that attracts and respells what the individual advocates. So, if you want your life to be filled with good vibrations you should start thinking about changing your way of being in the world to attract this power. In this OneHowTo article we give you some ideas and tricks so you know how to attract positive energy at home.

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Steps to follow:


The known law of attraction is rooted in the philosophical stream of quantum psychology which argued that the power of the mind is the most important factor in changing one's own life. One of the strongest and most significant voices of this movement was David Hume who argued that in the mind is the key to life as thoughts can become materialized. What he meant with this is that what you think and dream can become a reality as you attract these situations in your life's actions. So to enjoy a life full of positive energy you just have to do one thing: look within.


You have to think about people as if we were all magnets: the more positive energy you let off the more of it you will attract. Therefore, it is important to project those feelings into the world so that the world can return them. So the first step to attract positive energy into your life is to accept yourself and love yourself with both your weaknesses and your strengths.

There is no greater gesture of humility to look in the mirror and discover the defects you have, say them aloud and accept them. Everything you do not know, you do not control and do not have should not make you feel inferior but rather should balance out with the opposite: everything you know, everything you control and everything you have. Loving yourself in your entirety is the first step to have a satisfying life full of positive energy. In this article we help you improve your self-esteem.

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Free yourself from the past. To be happy with oneself, in peace and satisfied with life, it is important to learn how to forgive oneself and others. If someone hurt you, if you have done something you regret in life, forgive yourself. It is useless to always beat yourself up on the same subject because it will become a vicious circle that is very hard to break out of. Make peace with yourself or with the person who hurt you, learn to forgive and continue with your life.

To error is human, to forgive divine. It is important to be at peace with yourself and with your past so to project positive energy in your present and attract it into your future.


Invest in positive thinking. There is nothing better to attract good vibes in your life than to have optimistic thoughts. If you find yourself in a particular moment of your life, instead of thinking the worst, allow yourself to dream, allow yourself to imagine that you have everything you want. Fostering positive ideas you'll be able to pass this energy to your environment and also attract it.

Therefore, it is important to be attentive to everyday situations, take note of your attitude when you drive, when it starts raining, when something goes wrong, and so on. Work on your outlook on life and try to see the other side of things: the bright side.At OneHowTo we show you how to use positive thinking in difficult situations.

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Avoid moaning. A bad habit that we have is to project unpleasant situations we have encountered onto our friends and families: if our leg hurts, if we have been insulted and so on. Try to repress those comments, try not to throw them out to the world and keep them for yourself; this way you can downplay their relevance, you will learn to live with them and, increasingly, they will take up less space in your life.


Learn to live with your mistakes. We are human and make mistakes, that is a fact, so it is important to accept those mistakes. Be open to things not going as one would expect and accept that that is fine. Do not feel down, do not lose focus or see the dark side of things, remember: every cloud has a silver lining. And that is what you should think. When something has gone wrong, instead of putting yourself in the worst case scenario think that other things will work out better. Try to take advantage of these failures because you can learn from everything. As said before, positive thinking is essential to learn how to live with mistakes and not drown from these because it will not help.

How To Attract Positive Energy At Home - Step 6

Work to achieve your goals. One of the most effective methods which exist to attract a positive mindset is to created achievable goals and work towards them. The feeling of self-satisfaction, of devoting time to what one likes, is imperative to have a full and satisfying life.

So if you have always wanted to learn to belly dance, make a short film or learn how to cook, now is the time to work for it. Turn your back on your insecurities , encourage confidence in yourself and get working to have the life you want. One thing must be clear: your life largely depends on you, so create it as you want to have it and gradually, it will start taking shape as the life of your dreams.


If you feel your house is attracting negative energy, you can improve your home's energy by using some Feng Shui techniques. It may seem irrelevant, but some of the tips that this ancient practice shows us are pretty logical to feel safer and at peace when you are at home. Take a look at the principles of a Feng Shui home to learn about the basics.

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How To Attract Positive Energy At Home