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Eating Cranberries for UTI - Everything you Need to Know

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By Max. D Gray. Updated: May 18, 2017
Eating Cranberries for UTI - Everything you Need to Know

Surely you've ever heard that if you are prone to suffer from nasty urinary tract infections, you should be knocking back the cranberry juice. This is a very old remedy that is based on the properties of this delightful fruit, which has the magical properties to help us deal with the main bacteria causing cystitis, one of the most frequent urinary infections that ruins adult women. In addition, it is a diuretic remedy that will help us clean out the old bladder, removing all the toxins and thus you can prevent this condition from striking twice. On OneHowTo we will tell you how to eat cranberries for UTI, or urinary tract infection, indicating the properties as the best way to include them in your diet.

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  1. Non-stick property of cranberries
  2. Diuretic property of cranberries
  3. How to make cranberry juice

Out of all possible urinary infections, cystitis is the most common of them all. It is given mainly by the bacteria called Escherichia coli which adheres to the walls of the bladder, causing us to experience frequent symptoms of this condition: burning during urination, discomfort in the lower abdomen, burning in the intimate area, and so on. When this bacterium enters deep inside our urinary tract, that is when we experience these signs and to expel the bacteria, we have to follow a specific treatment prescribed by a specialist because, in most cases, by taking antibiotics.

But as always, there is a natural treatment that helps our body to be protected before any possible urinary tract infections and this can help combat it. We're talking about the loving cranberries which have an antiseptic and an antibiotic function to banish away the nasty little germs that cause this condition.

On OneHowTo, you can discover the symptoms of urinary tract infection so you learn to detect the condition early on.

Eating Cranberries for UTI - Everything you Need to Know -

Non-stick property of cranberries

The main reason why it is recommended to take cranberries for a urinary tract infection is that it contains a non-stick property that allows bacteria that can cause the disease to not stick to the walls of the bladder and thus they may end up being expelled from our organism by natural means.

This is because cranberry contains proanthocyanidins, a group of polyphenolic compounds which prevent the adhesion of bacteria or infectious agents to our internal organs, especially the Escherichia coli bacteria which, as we have already noted, is primarily responsible for cystitis.

Thanks to this property, many are also studying the use of cranberries for the treatment and prevention of other diseases of the bladder such as, for example, prostatitis or pyelonephritis.

Eating Cranberries for UTI - Everything you Need to Know - Non-stick property of cranberries

Diuretic property of cranberries

Besides the interesting previous property that you have indicated, cranberries are also perfect to treat urinary tract infections because it acts as a powerful natural diuretic, i.e. it contributes to the cleansing of organs through urine thanks to its water supply and antibacterial properties. This makes it an ideal ingredient for detoxing the body and we eliminate all the possible bacteria that are in our bladder and intestines.

To reduce the bacteria in the bladder, cranberries will help prevent the proliferation of a new urinary tract infection and, therefore, it is recommended for those who are prone to this infection and, thus, will be prevented from it on a daily basis.

In addition, this red fruit also modifies the urine more acidic and, therefore, the germs cannot grow easily in an environment as acid is protecting your inner workings.

Eating Cranberries for UTI - Everything you Need to Know - Diuretic property of cranberries

How to make cranberry juice

Therefore, if you want to relieve the discomfort caused by the infection of urine as well as avoid suffering from it, is recommended that vintage juice from cranberries to your diet for, well, take advantage of the properties just detail you.

In general, it is recommended to take a glass of pure cranberry juice 3 times a day. It is important to be pure, i.e., make it natural and not a sweet preparation or with substitute blueberries, if you choose this second option, you will not feel any improvement in your health. You can buy juice from any natural products that will administer no additives or toxic substances.

In addition, it is highly recommended, to encourage their diuretic effect, drink 2 liters of water a day which will help you to clean your body and remove who has bladder and bacteria that may be causing the infection. During the days in which you are with this condition, it is recommended that you do not drink alcohol or caffeine because they are two drinks that cause dehydration and can irritate the urinary tract.

You can learn how to make a delicious Cranberry milkshake if you want to give it a twist!

Eating Cranberries for UTI - Everything you Need to Know - How to make cranberry juice

You should know that, if you do not quite like the taste of this fruit, you can opt for Cranberry capsules which are available in natural food stores or health food stores. They are treated preparations containing compounds of cranberries and allow you to reap its benefits without drinking it. Anyway we must note that your presentation juice is much more effective than tablets.

Unlike antibiotics, this remedy has no side effects and it can be taken indefinitely as will help you be forewarned before cystitis. On OneHowTo, however, we remind you that it is always important to consult an expert before making any changes to your diet.

This article is merely informative, oneHOWTO does not have the authority to prescribe any medical treatments or create a diagnosis. We invite you to visit your doctor if you have any type of condition or pain.

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Eating Cranberries for UTI - Everything you Need to Know