Why Is it Important to Chew Your Food Properly

Why Is it Important to Chew Your Food Properly

We don't always have as much time as we'd like to eat, and sometimes even when we do we still eat on the run out of habit. But there's something that both gastroenterologists and nutritionists can agree on: that it's very important to chew your food properly in order to ensure optimum health and avoid overeating. And why is this? At OneHowTo.com, we'll explain why it's important to chew your food properly.

It promotes good digestion

One of the main reasons why it's important to chew your food properly is because it helps aid digestion, thereby reducing the likelihood of trapped wind, stomach bloating and gastric discomfort.

Chewing produces enzymes in our saliva which help form what is known as an "alimentary bolus", that is, a small ball of food that has been chewed thoroughly until partially liquefied, swallowed and then enters the stomach to be digested. This process breaks the food down into small particles, enabling easier and more efficient digestion.

This results in better digestion of nutrients

The same process enables the secretion of enzymes to form an alimentary bolus that's suitable for digestion. It also ensures that, once inside the stomach, the nutrients can be easily separated, thus maximising the full benefits of each food.

When we don't chew our food properly, this process is hindered, so that not only does it slow down our digestion but it also prevents the body from taking full advantage of the beneficial nutrients. We're also incapable of correctly separating the nutrients from the toxins, which results in poor nutrition and large amounts of toxins being stored in the body.

It helps us to eat less

In addition to all of the benefits of chewing food correctly that we mentioned above, there is another advantage. The process of chewing our food sends out signals to the brain about what we are consuming; consequently, we feel satiated faster and therefore, we eat less.

Various studies have shown that those who chew their food longer and eat in a relaxed environment without rushing, are less at risk of becoming obese.

We get greater enjoyment from of our food

Another reason why it's important to chew your food properly is that the secretion of saliva means that you'll enjoy the taste of your food all the more. When we eat too quickly, our taste buds can't identify the flavours properly and we're not able to fully taste the meal that we're consuming.

Other benefits of chewing your food properly

  • It also helps to prevent cavities, because increased saliva secretions help to keep food from sticking to the teeth and regulate the pH levels in the mouth.
  • A further benefit is an increase in oxygenation to the body, including the brain. This causes us to be more alert and improves our mood.
  • It also helps to reduce the symptoms of digestive disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) or gastritis. Furthermore, it reduces tension when eating because it forces us to eat slowly.

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