Why does my Skin Itch after a Shower? - The Answer

Why does my Skin Itch after a Shower? - The Answer

Coming home after a long day's work and showering is one of the great pleasures of life that we do not pay enough attention to. We can even use certain techniques to make it a more relaxing shower.

Other people need to shower in the morning to start a new day with energy and freshness. Whichever is our case, many people can see this moment ruined by an unbearable itch in the skin that we do not know how to calm. The most common cause is aquagenic pruritus, although it can also be due to allergies or contact dermatitis. If you often ask yourself "why does my skin itch after a shower?" and you do not know what the cause is, don't miss this oneHOWTO article in which we explain it to you in detail.

Why does your skin itch after a bath

The skin is our most extensive organ and, at the same time, it's the most exposed. We expose our skin to many different things daily, which is why it will respond to any stimulus whenever it can. Hygiene, chemicals in cosmetics, clothing dyes, fabrics and a host of other elements come in contact with it. It can also react to repeated rubbing, an insect, etc. The skin has its own ways of sending us warnings when something is not right, and one of those ways is pruritus, which we refer to as itching. What happens at that moment is that the receptors of the dermis (the outer layer of the skin) send a message to the brain through the spinal cord. At that time, we felt the itching.What happens at that moment is that the receptors of the dermis (the outer layer of the skin) send a message to the brain through the spinal cord. At that time, we felt the itching.

What happens at this moment is that dermis receptors (the external layer of the skin) send a message to the brain through the spinal cord. At this moment, we feel the itching sensation.

Causes of itching after a shower

Now that you know why your skin itches after a shower, we need to know the causes of the itch, as there may be several reasons for your skin's reaction.

Aquagenic Pruritus

Sometimes, we feel itching right after we've had a shower, without knowing why this is happening. This is a skin disease known as aquagenic pruritus, and its symptoms are itchiness in several intensities with no rash.

Aquagenic pruritus develops when the skin comes into contact with water, but there can be other factors that can trigger it such as sweat, an quick change in temperature, contact with certain clothing, certain synthetic fibers, contact with sheets....

Although it can last an hour or more, it will usually disappear after around fifteen minutes.


There are several allergies that can cause itching after a shower, Mold, mildew and even your own perspiration can cause an allergic reaction. If you notice there are hives on your body when you feel the itching too, then the most likely reason is an allergy.

Contact dermatitis

There are many chemicals involved in the process of having a shower: from shampooing to drying, there can be traces of certain chemicals that can harm your skin. This will cause skin irritation the moment your skin comes into contact with that product. To know if this is the case, think about any changes you may have made in shower gel, shampoo and even detergent to determine the source of the problem.

Solution to body itching after bath

Although this is not a serious condition, it can be pretty annoying. it is advisable to go to the doctor to make sure there is no other cause behind this itch. If you confirm that it is an itch, the doctor will tell us how to proceed to minimize this problem and to calm the itching when it appears. The doctor may recommend some antihistamine and/or capsaicin cream.

In addition, at oneHOWTO we'd like to recommend some of the following guidelines for preventing and relieving itching after a shower:

  • Do not shower in water that is too hot or too cold (thus, we minimize the abrupt change of temperature).
  • Use a mild gel with neutral pH and soothing agents.
  • Use a soft towel for drying, which will not scratch the skin. If we choose one that is made of ecological cotton or bamboo and that has been stained with natural dyes, we will also be preventing pruritus. Remember that everything counts, since there is not an exact cause that is the same for all the people who suffer from itching after a shower.
  • Dry your skin patting lightly, instead of dragging the towel across the skin.
  • Using an emollient oil or some soothing moisturizer may be enough in some cases, although there are certain other remedies such as applying aloe vera gel or a chamomile infusion that can help releive the itching.
  • Do not scratch, if it can be avoided, as it can irritate the skin and make you feel even more itchy.
  • Try to stay calm. The more nervous we are, the more likely the skin is to increase the itching. Trying to distract yourself from something, concentrating on other thoughts and activities, can help us.

This article is merely informative, oneHOWTO does not have the authority to prescribe any medical treatments or create a diagnosis. We invite you to visit your doctor if you have any type of condition or pain.

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