Why Am I so Attracted to Narcissists

Nidhi Nangia
By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: January 16, 2017
Why Am I so Attracted to Narcissists

Narcissists are self-loving people who are extremely obsessed about their own self and looks. In their perspective, they are the best and they look down upon all others around them. The theory suggests that such people should have difficulty in getting along with the society, but sometimes, the opposite is truth. Many people feel attracted towards narcissists, and they themselves wonder why that is so. If you have ever asked yourself: why am I so attracted to narcissists? In this article.

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  1. Narcissists are smart
  2. Narcissists are attractive and enticing
  3. Narcissists pose themselves as caring and empathic
  4. Narcissists are financially successful
  5. People like to be controlled by narcissists

Narcissists are smart

Some narcissists are actually intelligent and smart, and even excel in certain traits. Some of them may be experts at solving complex mathematical questions, while others may be too good at speaking in public. Social anxiety and shyness is mostly not welcomed, and people usually prefer those who are good social beings. We are naturally impressed by those who are confident, efficient and fearless. Narcissists know this gravitation trait of people, and exploit this to please others.

Narcissists are attractive and enticing

Narcissists often portray themselves as desirable and physically attractive. They work a lot on their physical appearance, and try to gain beautiful eyes, a charming smile, appealing voice and great figure or physical structure. They dress themselves up flamboyantly and pose a captivating and engaging personality. Most of these people draw others towards them with their sex appeal and physical magnetism.

Why Am I so Attracted to Narcissists - Narcissists are attractive and enticing

Narcissists pose themselves as caring and empathic

Some narcissists intentionally engage themselves in charitable and devotional activities to impress others and prove themselves. This is one of the most dangerous aspects of narcissism, as they often engage in such activities as a way to hide their selfishness and their lack of emotional connection with others. You will commonly find such people hidden in political, communal and religious agencies and non-profit organizations. They find ways of fulfilling their desire for respect and esteem in such activities.

Narcissists are financially successful

Because narcissists are selfish and cross the limits to fulfill their desires, they are mostly successful, rich and wealthy. They have a high standard of living, and enjoy all the luxuries of life. Some narcissists are socially established, and some of them are even ingenious in the academic field. Many doctors, lawyers, politicians and businessmen can easily meet the description of a narcissist. Their job is to work for the society, but they have their own hidden ways of filling their pockets.

People like to be controlled by narcissists

Most people are attracted towards those who can control them emotionally, professionally, physically and financially. Humans have a natural incline towards those in control. Most people find controlling individuals sexy and charming. This is why many young girls are infatuated with their professors, many young men prefer older women for a relationship, and many mothers feel attracted towards their kids’ cricket coach. People usually find something attractive about someone who is dominating and in control over others. All these may be the perfect reasons why you may be feeling attracted towards a narcissist.

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Why Am I so Attracted to Narcissists - People like to be controlled by narcissists

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Why Am I so Attracted to Narcissists