When To Start Wearing Maternity Clothes

When To Start Wearing Maternity Clothes

Being pregnant is a tough time, but still one of the most fascinating periods of your lifetime. Your body goes through changes, and your belly definitely grows. Under such circumstances, what are you going to do with your wardrobe? Most women never fit back into their clothes before pregnancy. But as you are showing off your protruding belly, you can use this time to sport the latest maternity clothes fashion. When to start wearing maternity clothes depends on your personal choice, and how your body is growing during the pregnancy. Here is a guide from OneHowTo.com.

Adjust your existing clothes in the first trimester

During the first trimester, most women feel comfortable wearing their pre-pregnancy clothes. As the fourth month starts, they tend to switch to longer-fitting shirts, stretchy tanks, tunics and tees. Frilly tops with loose fitting pants go well during this stage. Some women still wear their old jeans with a rubber band looped through its buttonhole, and concealed with a wide belt or longer top. Most pregnant women do not start wearing maternity clothes until this period.

Switch to looser clothes in the second trimester

If you are not planning to wear maternity clothes in the second trimester even, then there are several alternatives for you as well, such as drawstring bottoms and elastic waistbands. Do not tuck your shirts in your bottoms, and let them loose and flowing. If you are a working woman, wear your cardigans and blazers unbuttoned, and match them with cute blouses or shells underneath. You can borrow clothes from your sister, mother or any other woman who wears a couple of sizes bigger than you. These clothes will be of use even after the delivery, when your body will be adjusting to come back to its pre-pregnancy size.

Third trimester, the time to finally buy maternity clothes

If you have not already started wearing maternity clothes, then they just become an essential as you enter your third trimester. Maternity clothes are made with ultimate comfort for you in mind. Now that everyone around you is aware that you are pregnant, it’s time to show off your round baby bump. These are special clothes designed to treat your belly kindly, and not constrict the skin of your belly that is stretching slowly. These clothes can also be adjusted as per the size and shape of your belly, and your individual comfort level.

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