What to look for when choosing a new pillow

What to look for when choosing a new pillow
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The pillow is one of the most important elements of our rest, since we spend 6-9 hours with our head resting on it. Choose a poor quality pillow can cause headaches, neck aches, neck problems and even back pain. We devote a lot of time to the choice of mattresses because it supports our bodies when we sleep but do we do the same when we buy a pillow? Choosing a good pillow is essential to ensure the best rest and promote the general welfare. If you want to know how, in this OneHowTo article we show you criteria you should consider when choosing a pillow that best fits your needs.

Steps to follow:

The first thing you should consider when choosing a good pillow is the way you sleep. If you usually sleep on your back, it is advisable to purchase a pillow that is not very thick, as in this case it acts as a support for the neck and head, and not as treatment for certain ailments.

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On the contrary, if you sleep on your side the pillow should be thick enough so that the neck does not rest on the shoulder, causing illness and discomfort, and instead supported by the pillow. In this case the purpose of a pillow is to get the neck to remain on the axis of the spinal column, not lower than would be the case if the pillow is not thick enough.

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If you sleep face down the best choice is a soft, thin and flexible pillow. Normally, people who adopt this stance to sleep usually cuddle their sleeping, which is why feather or synthetic fibres are ideal to adapt the filling and place it where needed.

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Pillow stuffing is another aspect that you must take into consideration when you go to choose the right pillow. Feather of synthetic fibre pillows are very flexible and can look perfect precisely because of this aspect, but they are only recommended for those who sleep on their stomachs and do not suffer any neck or back ailments.


Memory foam pillows are highly recommended because they adapt fully to you. These pillows are perfect for people who move a lot while sleeping. With these characteristics, we find latex and foam pillows. Latex pillows have a soft texture, foam ones, however, are more firm and hence are more adaptable.


The drawback of latex pillows is that, besides being less firm and adaptable, they require constant ventilation. It is necessary to air them and flip them so that the latex does not become deformed, generate moisture and harvest bacteria. With the foam ones this does not happen because the material used has a ventilation system itself. Besides offering a perfect rest, foam pillows are ideal for those who suffer neck problems, backaches, migraines or headaches, because of their perfect adaptability, firmness and pressure exerted on the affected areas. There are even special foam pillows designed to treat neck problems.


Finally, when choosing a pillow, don't be swayed by price as choosing the cheapest pillow is a big mistake. Low cost pillows are usually of poor quality and therefore harmful to health and wellness. Buying the right pillow, despite having a higher cost, is a long-term investment for their durability and resistance. The low cost pillows, however, must be changed a year or year and a half later.

Sleep is one of the best investments we can make. Learn about the consequences of little sleep to know just how important a good night sleep is. Also, find out what are the best positions for sleeping.

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