What to Eat to Lower High Blood Pressure

What to Eat to Lower High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure or hypertension has become a common condition worldwide. Hereditary factors, physical inactivity, obesity and excessive alcohol consumption are the main triggers of this disease that threatens our heart, making us prone to suffer from heart disease.

Once diagnosed with high blood pressure it is appropriate to make several changes in our lifestyle, one of the most important is to adjust our diet to improve our health. The first step to making a change is understanding exactly why you have high blood pressure. So on OneHowTo.com we explain what to eat to lower high blood pressure.

What to eat to lower high blood pressure: salt

One of the most important aspects to consider when it comes to eating if you suffer from hypertension is controlling the salt in your diet because salt causes fluid retention, causing excess blood volume and consequently high blood pressure.

  • To reduce salt use in preparing your dishes, replace salt with alternatives that do not affect blood pressure, such as herbs, spices and garlic.
  • Avoid purchasing products high in sodium such as the pre-made soups, all kinds of pickles, dressings, among others. It is always advisable to review the sodium content on the labels of the products.

What to eat to lower high blood pressure: fats and proteins

Blood pressure is a condition that can cause a significant impact on the health of your heart, so it is necessary that you control fat intake and choose proteins wisely.

  • Always choose lean protein or opt for healthier proteins such as chicken, turkey or fish.
  • Avoid eating sausages and other processed meats in excess, they contain a lot of fat and are high in salt. Opt for those that are lighter such as turkey ham and if possible always choose low-salt versions.
  • Limit consumption of meat alltogether. Consider replacing most of your meat by vegetable protein sources.
  • Limit consumption of fried foods and junk foods that harm your health and affect your blood pressure.
  • If you eat dairy, always opt for the skimmed versions which are much lighter and good for your heart.
  • Find out what other foods increase blood pressure so that you may avoid them.

What to eat to lower high blood pressure: more vegetables and fruits

Antioxidants are great allies to fight free radicals and prevent the onset of diseases like cancer, but also help us to maintain a healthy heart. Therefore it is important to add to your diet fruits and vegetables high in antioxidants such as green leafy vegetables or fruits rich in vitamin C.

Furthermore, most vegetables and fruits are rich in fibre, which helps our body process fats with more ease, also keeping the heart healthy.

What to eat to lower high blood pressure: carbohydrates and sugars

Pay careful attention to your general diet to improve your blood pressure, it is recommended to consume unrefined carbohydrates like whole grain bread, whole wheat pasta, brown rice, oats, among others. Always prefer this type to white, refined carbohydrates.

You must also moderate consumption of refined sugar, favour natural products like fruits and leave aside pasta and pastries that affect the health of your heart.

What to eat to lower high blood pressure: caffeine and alcohol

Excess alcohol is one of the main triggers of high blood pressure, so it is important you control your intake and if possible avoid alcoholic beverages.

In addition you must reduce the consumption of caffeinated beverages such as coffee, tea, soft drinks and energy drinks that do not benefit your heart or your blood pressure.

What to eat to lower high blood pressure: add potassium to your diet

If you are taking medication to control high blood pressure, it is possible that they have a diuretic effect, if so maybe you have noticed that you urinate much more often than usual, indicating also that you are probably losing a lot potassium through urine.

If this is the case, you should increase your intake of this mineral in your diet. Add foods like bananas and other foods rich in potassium to your diet to compensate for potassium loss.

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