What to Do if Your Baby Is Choking

By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: January 20, 2017
What to Do if Your Baby Is Choking

Without doubt, children love to keep things in their mouth, especially those who are weaning, or are between one to five years of age. Perhaps, this is how they like to explore the world and everything that they come across. But sometimes, objects like beads, button batteries and marbles get stuck in your child’s airway and cause him to choke. It is advisable to keep such things away from your child, but if he happens to swallow such an object, this article will tell you what to do if your baby is choking.

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Remove with fingers

Ask the child to open his mouth. If you are able to see the trapped object, make attempts to remove it, but don’t poke it again and again with your finger. Things may become worse if you happen to push it further inside.

Back blows

If the child is conscious but not coughing, then try back blows. If your child is less than one year old, sit down and lay him facing down on your thighs, and support his head with a hand. Give 5 sharp back blows with your hand’s heel in the middle part of his shoulder blades. If the child is above one year, lay him facing down on your lap or support him in a forward leaning position. Give 5 back blows on his back. If the back blows do not relieve choking but the child is conscious, then try chest thrusts or abdominal thrusts.

Chest or abdominal thrusts

Chest thrusts or abdominal thrusts are helpful in increasing pressure inside the child’s chest and dislodging the stuck object. If the child is less than one year, lay him facing up on your thighs, find his breast bone and place two of your fingers in the middle. Give sharp pushes five times in the area, compressing the child’s chest by around a third. These are called chest thrusts. But if the child is more than one year, he will need abdominal thrusts. Stand behind the child, place your arms under his arms, and curl them around his upper abdomen. Clench a fist and keep it in between his ribs and navel. Hold this hand with another hand and sharply pull upwards and inwards. Repeat 5 times. Don’t put pressure on the lower rib cage to avoid damage. If the stuck object has yet not come out but your child is conscious, call for help and don’t leave him alone.

What to Do if Your Baby Is Choking - Chest or abdominal thrusts

Resuscitate the child with CPR

CPR is given if the child is choked and is unconscious. Keeping a compression and ventilation ratio of 30:2, use heels of your hands to compress the child’s chest. Press his sternum around 1/3 the depth of his chest at the rate of 100 per minute. Tilt the child’s head backwards and make sure that he is breathing properly. If he is not breathing normally, pinch his nose, cover his mouth with your mouth, and start blowing until you notice his chest rising. You may need to give two breaths, each taking one minute.

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What to Do if Your Baby Is Choking
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What to Do if Your Baby Is Choking

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