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What is the normal range of eosinophils in the blood?

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What is the normal range of eosinophils in the blood?

Eosinophils are white blood cells (immune cells) that are responsible for fighting parasites and other invaders in the blood. Normally, eosinophils make up between 1% and 6% of white blood cells. It is possible to determine their concentration in the blood through a blood test. Normal levels of eosinophils vary between 0% and 4%, which is under 350 cells per microliter of blood. An elevated level of eosinophils may indicate that something is wrong. What specifically does a high eosinophil count mean? At OneHowto we will explain.

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A high level of eosinophils

The increase in the percentage of eosinophils is generally associated with an allergy, auto-immune disease or parasitic infection. More specifically, it may be the result of:

  • Allergic reactions
  • Asthma
  • A parasitic infection in the intestines or elsewhere (such as worms)
  • Collagen vascular disease
  • Bone marrow disorders
  • Skin inflammation such as dermatitis
  • Although this is less common, a high eosinophil level can also indicate the presence of leukemia, a type of blood cancer.

Symptoms of a high level of eosinophils in the blood depends on the cause. A high level of eosinophils on its own wouldn't present any symptoms. This condition is always a sign of another condition or disease. Therefore, treatment will be for the underlying disorder and not for the elevated eosinophils as such.

A low level of eosinophils

A low level of eosinophils i.e. less than 50ml means that your immune system may be significantly weakened. This may be due to:

  • Acute allergic reactions
  • Reactions after major surgery
  • If it occurs during pregnancy, the cause could be eclampsia.
  • Diseases affecting the immune system such as HIV.

If your eosinophil level is outside of the normal range, it is best to visit a haematologist for a full examination.

For more information on white blood cells, read our article explaining the reasons for a high white blood cell count.

This article is merely informative, OneHowTo does not have the authority to prescribe any medical treatments or create a diagnosis. We invite you to visit your doctor if you have any type of condition or pain.

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Very useful
sheila bakit
Your rating:
i have 15% of eosinophilia and i was worried for what i read in internet it is really dangerous if i have this percentage?'?
Your rating:
My Eosinophilis value is 5,7 K/ml what that means and what I have to do
OneHowTo Editor
Does the K stand for thousands? If so you should take the results to your doctor so he/she can take a closer look at them.
Hope this helps
Your rating:
My test result of eosinophils is 1.41. please send my decease condition.
Your rating:
Blood test shows eosinophilis is 10% and hemoglobin 15% is it normal?
OneHowTo Editor
We advise you to comment the results of your blood test with your doctor so he can diagnose you appropriately.
Your rating:
MY eosinophils is 18% what tetment
Your rating:
i have 49.5 lymphocyte. if it is alarming high what should i do to reduce
OneHowTo Editor
Consult your doctor to know the reason why you have a high lymphocyte count, as there are several reasons why this may occur and you'll need to be examined closely (it is not extremely high so there may not be any need to worry).
Hope this helps
stephanie holland
my husband recently had a 20.4 reading What does it mean?
OneHowTo Editor
Hi Stephanie,
It can be caused by any of the options mentioned in the first paragraph of the article. However, the most common cause is allergies, so if your husband has an allergy, then the eosinophil count will be higher than usual.
My eosinophils count is 15% then what does it mean.
Hi Nasrinhussain,
It could be any of the reasons mentioned in the article as it is a high eosinophil count. Check the results of the blood test with your doctor so he can read them properly.
Linda Griner
my doctors report shows normal levels of Eosinophils to be 0 - 7 and mine is at 8. What does that mean?

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What is the normal range of eosinophils in the blood?
What is the normal range of eosinophils in the blood?