What is the First Period After Childbirth Like?

What is the First Period After Childbirth Like?

Many new mothers are keen to know what their first period after childbirth will be like and, in particular, when will it happen. There are different scenarios depending on whether the mother has breastfed her baby, whether she has nursed them exclusively, and for how long she has done so. These factors strongly influence the time when a mother starts to have her period again.

Although it is normal for a new mother to start having her period between three to six months after giving birth, here at OneHowTo we'll explain what is the first period after childbirth like in more detail.

Steps to follow:

When a mother has exclusively breastfed her baby, her periods may not return until around 6 months have passed. However, for those mothers who have not breastfed their baby or those who have alternated with artificial milk, it is most likely that her periods will return earlier, after approximately 8 weeks.

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Prolactin, or PRL, is a hormone that is generated when the mother breastfeeds her baby. This hormone is responsible for producing changes in a woman's menstrual cycle, which explains why breastfeeding is therefore a decisive factor in the return of periods after childbirth.


The first period after giving birth to a baby is not like any period you have seen before; in fact, it is something quite different. The flow is usually somewhat thicker, and it can have a slightly different color and a more intense smell.

However, there's no need to worry. This is normal, since your body has gone through pregnancy and childbirth and needs time to recover.


The first period after childbirth isn't usually very painful. It's quite irregular at first; these disruptions are very common after going through the pregnancy cycle.


Irregularity is a very common feature in the periods after childbirth. Even if you had a very regular menstrual cycle before getting pregnant, don't be surprised if it isn't any more. Your body needs some time to get back to working in the same way.


Usually, a woman's body needs between 9 and 12 months to recover and for the period to return to normal. Don't be impatient or worry too much until this length of time has passed. Remember that you have been pregnant for 9 months, you have given birth, and your body has experienced many changes.


Also remember that if you have any doubts or suspicions that something isn't quite right, you can always go to your gynecologist for them to give you a check up and ask them your doubts.

Now that you know what is the first period after childbirth like, you know what to expect.

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