What Foods To Eat At Dinner To Lose Weight

What Foods To Eat At Dinner To Lose Weight

Taking extra care of your diet is essential to be at your optimal weight and to lose those extra pounds. Although what we choose to have for breakfast and lunch is very important, dinner is the most important regarding what we eat. This is because we do less physical activity during the last hours of the day in the run up to bed time and so we need to consume less calories. Do you want to know what to eat at dinner to lose weight? OneHOWTO want to give you a list of food alternatives which are varied and delicious. Let's start!

Why is what we eat for dinner important?

Thinking about what to eat for dinner to lose weight can be tricky and what you decide can either help or hinder your goals. During the night, once we have completed our day to day activities, we need a lower consumption of calories. This is because our bodies are preparing for sleep and therefore reduce the amount of physical activity compared to the rest of the day.

If during these hours we eat foods that are heavy in calories the body will be unable to use this energy for its correct function. As a result this food will be stored in the form of fat which will accumulate in the body. A light dinner makes it possible to receive nutrients and vitamins and reduce hunger without overdoing it.

Dinner foods that are not fattening: proteins

An excellent alternative when looking into what to eat for dinner to lose weight are lean meats. These can be grilled, steamed or oven cooked. There are many options that can be brought into dinner which you will find satisfying as proteins help us feel fuller for longer. Of course, there are other vegan and vegetarian options available too.

That is why you can choose to eat these for dinner:

  • Lean meats such as fat-free beef, chicken or turkey, always lightly cooked with little oil.
  • White fish such as hake, grouper or bream, because they are lighter and easy to digest. One day a week you can vary and choose cold water fish such as salmon, tuna or sardines.
  • Hard boiled eggs are a quick alternative that will leave you very satisfied. Remember that you should not dry food under no circumstances.
  • If you are vegan or vegetarian, perhaps you are eating healthy proteins like lentils or chickpeas, just too many of them. Or perhaps too many fats and carbs. Monitor your portion sizes. Protein is your friend!

Dinner foods that are not fattening: vegetables

Vegetables are an excellent alternative when seeking fat-free food to eat for dinner to lose weight. They contain fiber, vitamins and nutrients and a very limited number of calories, proving an ideal meal for any moment of the day. However, it is recommended to avoid legumes, as their high fiber content may make digestion difficult in the evening.

Alternatives like spinach, courgette, aubergine, pumpkin, artichokes and carrots are also excellent for this time of day. You can choose to eat them in a purée, cream or whole.

Try fill up on as many vegetables as possible so you are less likely to want more fats or sugars.

Dinner foods that are not fattening: Whole grains

Whole grains are also an excellent option if you're trying to decide what to eat at dinner to lose weight. Though they're better for lunch, several studies have proven that whole grains are more efficient when burning belly fat. This food is also high in fiber and magnesium, which will also work wonders on your metabolism.

What to eat for dinner to lose weight: AVOID THESE

Now that you know what foods to eat at dinner to lose weight it is time to look at which should definitely be avoided so to care for your figure and health.These are some of the foods that we must NOT have for dinner if we want to eat few calories:

  • Fried foods, no matter what kind. These are full of fat that we do not need.
  • Bread, pastries, biscuits, pasta and simple carbohydrates such as pies and fruit. Its high content of sugar provides many calories that we will not want to eat at the end of the day.
  • Any type of fast-food: pizza, hamburgers, fatty foods etc.
  • Prepared or ready cooked meals such as those that contain a high calorie count
  • Dry or cured meat and sausages like bacon, chorizo, salami, among others. Your best choice here is turkey.
  • Foods with high sugar such as soft drinks and packaged juices.

Of course, we must also avoid the intake of sweets and desserts, as well as trying to avoid alcohol intake.

This article is merely informative, oneHOWTO does not have the authority to prescribe any medical treatments or create a diagnosis. We invite you to visit your doctor if you have any type of condition or pain.

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