What exercises can I do with a worn cartilage

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
What exercises can I do with a worn cartilage

One function of cartilage is to protect the joints, so if you have worn cartilage you may be full of doubts about whether or not you can do any sport. The answer to this question is yes, but with certain conditions. You can continue your usual physical activity, but to protect your joints you should opt for sports that are less damaging to them. In this article at we answer the question what exercises can I do if I have worn cartilage?

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The thing to remember is to get permission from your doctor before attempting any physical activity when you have a worn cartilage. You should take additional steps to protect your joints, such as shoes with plenty of cushioning, wrist guards, ankle supports, etc.


Swimming is a good exercise to do if you have worn cartilage. Firstly because your joints will not be subjected to any impact while you're in the water, as you don't have to support the weight of your own body. However, remember that there are some swimming styles that are more suitable than others. All of them are suitable for this condition except breaststroke.

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Cycling is also a good alternative to keep active when you have this cartilage problem affecting your joints. So if you love cycling and the outdoors, you're in luck. However, you should still take certain considerations into account. It's a good idea to lift the seat slightly higher than the normal position. The idea is that the knee flexes as little as possible while you pedal.

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If you like taking walks in a natural setting, you could consider the possibility of Nordic walking as a safe exercise for worn cartilage. While it is true that you may have to go over rocky terrain, the walking poles will allow you to cushion and protect your joints if your cartilage is damaged.

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In general, any low-impact exercises are beneficial if you have problems with your cartilage. Rowing, skiing and taking walks are activities that won't cause you any harm if this is the case.


Many athletes, over the years, begin to develop problems in their cartilage and joints precisely because they didn't properly protect them during all the years they spent doing physical activity. Therefore, when doing any sporting activity, you should always do it properly and if possible with expert advice.

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What exercises can I do with a worn cartilage
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What exercises can I do with a worn cartilage

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