What Does Activated Charcoal Do?

By Sara . Updated: June 3, 2018
What Does Activated Charcoal Do?

Until a few years ago, very few people had heard the name of activated charcoal, but suddenly it has become so popular that it is being added to toothpaste, cosmetics and other daily use items. The popularity of activated charcoal is mainly due to its ability to flush out toxins from the human body.

In fact, there are many other uses and benefits of activated charcoal other than removing toxins. In this oneHOWTO article we will learn what does activated charcoal do for our body and health.

Whitens teeth and maintains oral health

Regular consumption of tea, coffee or wine can stain our teeth, and removing those stains using regular toothpaste is quite hard. A very easy and effective way to get rid of coffee, tea or wine stains is to use activated charcoal, which whitens teeth. Activated charcoal adsorbs the microscopic particles lodged on our teeth causing the stains and helps remove them.

Activated charcoal is also helpful in maintaining oral health. It adsorbs plague and prevents cavities, and it also prevents bad breathe and gum disease. Toothpaste containing activated charcoal can be used to maintain oral health and whiten the teeth at once.

This is one of the best answers to what does activated charcoal do - we recommend adding this product to your oral hygiene routine. Here you can learn more about how to whiten teeth with activated charcoal.

What Does Activated Charcoal Do? - Whitens teeth and maintains oral health

Detoxifies the body

Lemon, cucumber, mint leaves and other ingredients make great detoxifying drinks which remove toxins from the body. If you're looking for methods to detox your body through your diet, you could consider adding activated charcoal to your cleaning smoothies to increase their detoxifying capacity. The next time you are preparing your favorite smoothie or juice, empty a capsule or two of activated charcoal in it before consuming.

However, you must bear in mind that activated charcoal absorbs everything, including the nutrients that are useful and necessary for your body. You must not take activated charcoal drinks if you are taking medication or vitamin supplements. These drinks should not be consumed with meals, and when you take them you must remember to drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Relieves insect bites and bee stings

Activated charcoal can draw out poison from insect bites. It also helps in removing the poison from stings. To apply activated charcoal to the stung area, open a capsule of the charcoal and mix it with cornstarch or flaxseed powder. Add water to make a paste and then apply it to the affected area.

What Does Activated Charcoal Do? - Relieves insect bites and bee stings

Provides relief from gas and bloating

Although research is not concluding so far, activated charcoal is believed to be useful to provide relief from gas and bloating. Activated charcoal binds to the by-products in food which cause gas and prevents them from creating further gas and bloating.

To get relief from gas and bloating, take 500 mg of activated charcoal in a glass of water before a gas-causing meal. Then drink one more glass of water to help the charcoal to enter your body and do its work.

What Does Activated Charcoal Do? - Provides relief from gas and bloating

Cleanses skin and hair deeply

Another benefit of activated charcoal is that it can be used to deeply cleanse your face, body and hair. It can be used as a mask for the face, a scrub for the body and as a detoxifying shampoo for the hair.

  • What does activated charcoal do for the hair? To make a detoxifying shampoo, add 5 mg activated charcoal to the regular amount of shampoo you use for one wash. Then use it and rinse it off to get clean, shiny hair.
  • What does activated charcoal do for the face? To make the clarifying mask for face, add 5 mg of activated charcoal powder to lukewarm water and make a paste. Add a teaspoon of honey or aloe gel to the paste and mix it. Then apply it over your face in a thin layer and wash it off after 5 or 10 minutes. Here you can learn more on how to use activated charcoal for your face.
  • What does activated charcoal do for the body? To make a body scrub, break 2 – 3 capsules of activated charcoal and add it to your regular body scrub. Then use it as you normally use a body scrub.

These are our answers to "what does activated charcoal do?" If you have more ideas, tell us in the comments section!

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What Does Activated Charcoal Do?
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What Does Activated Charcoal Do?

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