What are the properties of cayenne pepper

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
What are the properties of cayenne pepper

Cayenne pepper or red pepper, which owes its name to the city of Cayenne in French Guiana, is a powder made from the dried and then ground fruits of a type of chilli or pepper. In addition to its strong, spicy flavour, cayenne pepper has a whole host of health-promoting properties. Here at, we'll explain what are the properties of cayenne pepper so that you'll know how its largely unknown qualities can be of help to you.

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Few foods have as many beneficial properties as cayenne pepper. We'll go through each of its beneficial qualities one by one so that you can introduce this helpful spice into your diet. Take notes!


Anti-irritant. Cayenne pepper can help to relieve the pain caused by stomach aches, sore throats, coughs or diarrhoea.


Anti-cold and flu Red pepper also serves as a decongestant and helps to break up and remove mucus.

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Cayenne is also great at distracting the brain by activating other areas of pain which confuses the body's pain threshold so that we perceive pain in a different way.


The red pepper's anti-inflammatory properties make it a great natural choice for helping ease arthritis, diabetes and psoriasis.

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Digestion. Cayenne promotes digestion by helping the body to produce more gastric juices. In addition, cayenne pepper is an excellent herbal alternative for relieving intestinal gas.


Detoxifying. If you wish to stimulate blood circulation, you can take some cayenne pepper with lemon juice and honey to burn calories more efficiency and sweat more, helping the body detox itself. In this way, you'll keep your blood circulating well throughout your body.


Weight loss. If you add cayenne pepper to your breakfast, you will have less of an appetite and will eat fewer calories throughout the day. Moreover, cayenne pepper can boost metabolism and helps the body to burn higher amounts of stored fat.


Saliva Production. Also related to a good digestion, cayenne boosts saliva levels so your digestion will be better and is also an aid to oral hygene.


Sores and other topical treatments. Cayenne is a poultice that can help with treatment in several topical wounds such as sores, lumbago, rheuma and even snake bites!


There are several studies that point at cayenne as a possible ingredient for prevention of lung cancer and liver tumors.

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Try taking cayenne pepper whenever you need to pay attention to your blood pressure. Did you know that cayenne is one of the best spices in the fight against cholesterol and triglycerides?

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What are the properties of cayenne pepper
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What are the properties of cayenne pepper

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