What Are The Health Benefits Of Seaweed

By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: February 5, 2019
What Are The Health Benefits Of Seaweed

Marine vegetables, including seaweed, are low in calories and high in nutrients. Seaweed looks like greasy spinach, but it packs a dense variety of health benefits. It not only improves your digestive health, but also lowers your cholesterol levels, and aids in weight loss. Just a small portion of seaweed, like kelp, kombu or nori, gives you a sufficient dose of vitamins and essential minerals. At, let’s talk about what are the health benefits of seaweed.

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Improves digestion

Seaweed contains alginate, which is known to strengthen your gut mucus, slow down your digestion, and also slow down the release of energy. The high fiber content in seaweed increases good bacteria in your gut, which is helpful in pre-digesting foods and reducing wind.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Seaweed - Improves digestion

Decreases calorie intake

A single bowl of stir fry or noodle soup with wakame or nori adds up only 30 extra calories to your diet, while delivering a whole host of trace elements and minerals. Wakame and arame are great sources of iodine, calcium, magnesium and folate, and purple laver has high content of B vitamins.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Seaweed - Decreases calorie intake

Improves heart health

The high fiber content in seaweed has been proven to lower down blood pressure, reduce risk of stroke and prevent cardiovascular problems. People who consume seaweed in sufficient amounts are found to have low cholesterol, low homocysteine and unfurry arteries.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Seaweed - Improves heart health

Detoxifies the system

Seaweed detoxifies your body, and clears toxins lead and cadmium from your system that you get from transport and industry around you.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Seaweed - Detoxifies the system

Regulates hormones

Seaweed has high content of lignans, that turn into phytoestrogens inside your body. These are helpful in blocking oestrogen chemicals in your body that are responsible for increasing risk of cancers. In addition to preventing cancer, seaweed may also be helpful in curing this deadly disease, however studies are still being conducted.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Seaweed - Regulates hormones

Improves all-round health after an illness

Seaweed has been proven to boost recovery after an illness. It reduces phlegm, softens hardness, promotes urination and reduces swelling, due to which you recover faster and feel better. It has gastric qualities as well, and it can also be used as an efficient cure for hangover.

Develops healthier bones and teeth

Rich in calcium, seaweed contributes a lot towards improves the condition of your teeth and bones. Even if you take seaweed in smaller amounts, it helps in your muscle contraction, aids in cell communication, and contributes towards the proper functioning of your nervous system.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Seaweed - Develops healthier bones and teeth

Ways to eat seaweed

In soups

Kombu is a kelp seaweed that enhances the flavor of dashi, the cooking broth that serves as the base for miso soup. Just heat dried kombu strips in water, let them simmer for 10 minutes, and add dried bonito flakes or katsuobushi to it. Strain to get the dashi broth, which will be a golden colored liquid. This is what will give the soup its umami taste.

Add two tablespoons of miso paste to the broth and let it melt, add 4oz of silken tofu (previously diced) and simmer the mix for just a couple of minutes. It's that easy!

In salads

Seaweed can serve as a great alternative to lettuce and spinach. Make a base with whole purple dulse leaves, and toss with crisp red cabbage and apples. Mix wild Nori with it, along with wild rice, pecans, tofu and shallots. Make a traditional Japanese salad of seaweed by soaking dried wakame in water until expanded. You may also sprinkle seaweed bits on traditional salads, or grind bits of seaweed to use in place of salt.

As snacks

Seaweed is low in calories and offers endless health related benefits. Owing to this, seaweed serves as an ideal between-the-meals snack. Spread tapenade on toast points, or bake some seaweed muffins to make great treats. If you are looking for something lighter but spicier, then try Nori crisps along with wasabi. You will also find a variety of ready-made seaweed snacks in the market these days.

In main dishes

Seaweed can also be used in a variety of main dishes. Apart from being an essential part of sushi, seaweed also goes well with other rice-based dishes such as vegetarian paella or certain risottos, to give the dish an extra sea-like taste without resorting to fish.

A different way of eating seaweed is to incorporate it into spaghetti as a sauce by making a Nori paste by putting thinly-sliced nori seaweed to boil on medium heat to soften with 150 cc of water, add half a teaspoonful of sugar, a pinch of salt, two teaspoonfuls of soy sauce and one teaspoonful of sake. Stew the mix on low heat and you have your seaweed pasta sauce!

You can also add some shiitake mushrooms to the dish and some chili to season.

As desserts

There are several ways to include seaweed in your post-meal desserts. You can make a seaweed pudding with Irish Moss, which is a popular dessert in Atlantic coastal areas of Europe. You may add to its treat by mixing it with unsweetened chocolate, berries, and even whiskey. You may also make it a healthy dessert by incorporating tiny strips of dulce in it. One great idea is to flavor sugar cookies with seaweed salt.

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