What Are the Health Benefits of Goat's Milk

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
What Are the Health Benefits of Goat's Milk

Although in our day-to-day routine we are accustomed to consuming mostly cow's milk, you may be interested to know that goat's milk nourishes our bodies with countless beneficial properties. Some people develop negative symptoms after consuming cow's milk such as gas, bloating or other forms of indigestion. Goat's milk has been proposed as a possible alternative to cow's milk, given that it doesn't cause any of these disturbances to the people who consume it. In this OneHowTo article we're going to explain what the health benefits of goat's milk are, so you can assess whether you want to start consuming it instead of cow's milk.

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Numerous studies have shown that goat milk has many beneficial effects that help improve our health and quality of our body, even more so than cow's milk. If you are intolerant or allergic to cow's milk, goat milk can be a perfect replacement.


Goat milk is good to combat anaemias and prevent their occurrence, as it helps to reduce minerals loss from our bones. Thus, goat milk is also perfect for combating osteoporosis or bone problems as it prevents these from becoming soft.

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Goat's milk is thicker and has a creamier texture than cow's milk. Furthermore, it is very rich in minerals and has a higher percentage of that present in skimmed cow's milk. It is also rich in calcium, potassium and vitamins A and B-6.


It is a product that is easy to digest. Many people have an intolerance to cow's milk because it can cause stomach pain or digestive problems. Meanwhile, goat's milk contains properties that help rebuild the intestinal flora as it acts neutralizing acidity. If you suffer from ulcers, gastritis and other stomach or intestinal ailments, goat's milk will be perfect for you. It contains less lactose and this makes it easier to digest.


Furthermore, this is a good product for its low cholesterol, which is between 30% and 40% lower than cow's milk. This makes this milk perfect for preventing diabetes or other cardiovascular conditions.


Whilst more fat is concentrated in goat's milk than in cow's milk (about 10 grams of the first to 1 gram of the second) the fat in goat's milk is richer in omega 6, i.e. the kind which is not stored in the fat tissue. This is another reason why this type of milk is lighter and more digestible.


Usually, goat's milk is less toxic than cow's milk. Nowadays the milk cartons we find in supermarkets come from farms where cows are given hormones and other substances to improve their growing. All these substances are then passed to the milk, so we might be consuming them without knowing. Goats are rarely treated with these substances, so their milk is usually healthier.


Finally, you should know that goat's milk is similar to breast milk, so it is perfect for our development and children's growth. Its properties make this product defend us from bacteria and viruses, so its regular consumption will make us healthy and protected.

This article is merely informative, oneHOWTO does not have the authority to prescribe any medical treatments or create a diagnosis. We invite you to visit your doctor if you have any type of condition or pain.

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What Are the Health Benefits of Goat's Milk
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What Are the Health Benefits of Goat's Milk

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