What Are the Consequences of Teenage Pregnancy

By Elsie Goycoolea. Updated: January 20, 2017
What Are the Consequences of Teenage Pregnancy

When most young men and women are saving money to go to college, for teenagers suddenly facing a pregnancy, savings may now need to account for a newborn. Raising a child at a very young age can become a life changing event that can take a hard hit on many peoples’ futures. The consequences of a teenage pregnancy often discourage many teenagers from having unprotected sex or even having sex in the first place.

In this OneHowTo article we answer the question: what are the consequences of a teenage pregnancy?

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Unsupervised pregnancies

Frequent doctor visits during the 9 months of pregnancy are encouraged in order to monitor the growth of the baby; as well as ensure that the health of the mother is optimal. Teenage mothers tend to have a higher risk of complications given that young girls often feel the need to hide the pregnancies from their parents or peers. They don’t tend to eat healthy, try to reduce stress, and may engage in harmful activities, all of which may be detrimental for the health and development of the baby.

Suboptimal baby health

Not all teenage mothers will fail to follow recommended practices; but it is true that many young girls may be unaware of the consequences that their actions may pose to the development of their baby. It is argued that many teenage mothers fail to gain enough weight during pregnancy, which may impact the development of the baby’s organs. Low birth weight is associated with higher infant mortality and other developmental conditions. Smoking and drinking during pregnancy may exacerbate all of these risks.

What Are the Consequences of Teenage Pregnancy - Suboptimal baby health

Financial concerns

Unfortunately, many cases of teenage pregnancy occur in low income households. If it is hard enough to get through the week for many people, adding another mouth to feed and to take care of may pose major concerns. Many teenage mothers struggle to cover the costs of having a baby, more so when they might not have yet started welcoming their first line of income. The new circumstances may force young men and women to turn down their college goals and use their savings to cover the costs.

Depression and emotional instability

Many young girls and boys grow up with strong aspirations and goals that they one day would want to achieve. It is emotionally burdening to suddenly have those high hopes altered as a result of a pregnancy. Life can take a 180 degree turn, which most teenagers may find hard to accept. There is a strong link between teenage pregnancy and depression, abuse and neglect; which may develop as a result of having to learn how to adapt to a new outlook in life.

What Are the Consequences of Teenage Pregnancy - Depression and emotional instability

Family fractures

While it may be even so more important for young girls and boys to find support in friends and family members, the opposite often happens. As soon as parents learn of their children getting pregnant, there are times when instead of offering advice and guidance, the ties are cut short. Teenagers might have to figure out how to move on forward with the few resources that they might have been able to build up knowing that they may have lost the trust and respect from their family.

What Are the Consequences of Teenage Pregnancy - Family fractures

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What Are the Consequences of Teenage Pregnancy
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What Are the Consequences of Teenage Pregnancy

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