What Are The Best Foods For Diabetics

What Are The Best Foods For Diabetics

Food choices matter a lot for diabetics. While suffering from diabetes, what you eat and what you don't makes a huge difference in whether you turn out to be a victor or a victim and thus can prevent low blood sugar. We have already told you What are the best fruits for diabetics. Now, here at OneHowto.com, we are going to tell you what are the best foods for diabetics.

Steps to follow:

Carrot: Carrots are extremely rich in beta-carotene, which is often directly linked with reducing diabetes risk and keeping blood sugar levels under control. If you are not so fond of eating raw sticks of carrots, you can find many ways to include them in your diet, whether in the form of fries, roasts or curry.


Apple: In addition to the myriad of health benefits that apples have to offer, they are wonder foods for diabetics, probably because they are low in calories, high in fiber, and excellent in the fight against bad cholesterol. Eat at least one apple daily, whole, preferably unpeeled for maximum benefit.


Beans: Health experts recommend diabetics to consume beans at least twice in a week. Almost all bean types contain soluble fiber, which helps in keeping blood sugar levels under control. Because of their high protein content, they can even replace meat in some meals. You just have to keep a watch on its sodium content. If you are using canned beans, make sure to rinse them properly to get rid of any extra salt.

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Broccoli: Undoubtedly, broccoli is fibrous, filling, and laden with antioxidants. A single serving of broccoli can deliver the recommended amount of vitamin C you require in an entire day. It is also a rich source of chromium, which remarkably helps in keeping blood sugar levels under control on the long run. If you are not a broccoli lover, you can hide it in pasta, casseroles or soups, or enhance its taste by sauteing in soy sauce, mustard or garlic.


Egg: Eggs are rich sources of high quality protein, which is considered to be better than any other protein, thus making it a good food for diabetics. A couple of eggs every day cannot increase your cholesterol, but will definitely keep you satisfied and feeling full for longer.


Another trick to make food better for diabetics is to substitute refined grains for whole grains. Thus, you should eat whole-grain pasta, rice and flour instead of their refined versions.


Regarding dairy, it's best to choose low fat versions of your favorite dairy products if you are a diabetic. Avoid cottage cheese, half and half or whole milk completely and substitute these with nonfat half and half milk and low-fat cottage cheese if you wish to.

Fermented dairy products have many benefits and will give a diabetic's digestive system relief as the pancreas will not have to work as much.


And who said that diabetics are not allowed any desserts or sweets? At OneHowTo we give some ideas for those diabetics with a sweet tooth:

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  • Avoid canned versions of vegetables as they have a higher amount of sodium. Try to always eat fresh vegetables and fruit.
  • Also bake, steam or eat raw instead of frying your food to avoid saturated fats.