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What are normal monocyte values

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What are normal monocyte values

Monocytes are larger leukocytes generated in the bone marrow and which then travel to the blood via the tissues of different organs. Their main function is to remove cellular debris and microorganisms, a process called phagocytosis. This article will explain what the normal monocyte values are.

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Normal moncoyte values

Monocytes account for between 4 and 8% of white blood cells. In a blood test their value can be found in the section on Complete Blood Count with the other types of white blood cells. Normal monocyte values are between 1000 and 4500 cells per ml.

High monocyte values

When monocytes exceed normal values it is almost always due to infections caused by viruses or parasites,but which can also be caused by tumours or leukaemia. A high monocyte count is called monocytosis. Monocytosis is usually a sign of inflammation and is usually caused by an infection in the blood.

Low monocyte values

When the monocyte cell count is low, it is called monocytopenia. Normally this on its own does not have any specific symptoms. Since monocytes are produced in the bone marrow, any disease that affects the bone marrow will manifest itself in a decreased monocyte count. These disorders may result from conditions such as HIV or AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria; therapies such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy; or vitamin B12 and folate deficiencies.

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My monocyte & lymph r both 50% is this normal or not.
Emily Sakzewski
In adults, your lymphocytes should be between 20 and 40% and your monocytes should only be between 2 and 10%. Yours are much higher which is not normal.

What are normal monocyte values
What are normal monocyte values