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Top 10 Foods Rich in Beta Carotene

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Top 10 Foods Rich in Beta Carotene

Beta Carotene is a plant pigment present in many foods, a pro-vitamin A which once ingested is converted into vitamin A in our body, offering a good deal of useful antioxidants to maintain healthy cells. This nutrient is very useful to ensure the health of our skin but also to prevent the formation of free radicals and premature aging, so we should often consume it in our diet. Do you want to know which ingredients contain it? On we give you a list of top 10 foods rich in beta carotene.

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Eating foods rich in beta-carotene is very important to ensure our health, because this plant pigment provides important antioxidants for our body that help to strengthen the immune system, prevent disease and fight the formation of free radicals responsible for premature skin aging and diseases like cancer.

Another of the best known benefits of beta-carotene is its ability to promote the production of melanin in the body, helping to obtain a much healthier and even tan. It also has a property very beneficial for those with sensitive skin, as it helps to reduce the possibility of sunburn when combined with proper protection.

As it is present in various vegetables, in addition to receiving this nutrient we are ingesting other equally important nutrients such as fiber, iron and vitamin C, which are essential for a healthy body.



Carrots are undoubtedly the best known food with beta-carotene, offering a good dose of this nutrient and also providing us with a high fibre intake. For those who enjoy sunbathing, carrots can help get a healthy tan if incorporated frequently to your diet and if you increase your intake a few days before sun exposure.

But despite being the best known, the carrot is not the food with the most beta-carotene because above it there is another ingredient that might surprise you: spinach.



Spinach is one of the foods with the highest fiber content we can find, benefiting intestinal transit and absorption of fats and sugars, but also offers an excellent dose of antioxidants due to its high beta-carotene content. It is without doubt a food that should be included frequently in our diet.



Watercress is also one of the foods rich in beta carotene, an ideal complement to salads and an excellent source of iron, making it a prominent ingredient and highly recommended for anaemia sufferers.


Bell peppers

Another prominent ingredient rich in beta-carotene is red pepper, a versatile ingredient that has various properties among which is its vitamin C and fiber content making it a very healthy choice that you can grill, served raw or enjoy with a meat or fish filling.



As its color suggests, that intense orange glow, the pumpkin has beta-carotene pigment, making it a perfect choice to consume this nutrient. This food can be used both for sweet recipes and savory dishes, It is ideal for those who enjoy experimenting in the kitchen.


Sweet potato

Apart from its antioxidant and digestive properties, sweet potato also has a high amount of beta carotene. Bake sweet potato in the oven and benefit from its properties without putting on any extra pounds, it only has 0.2g of fat per potato!


Cantaloupe melon

Though it may be green on the outside, its peachy orange interior hints its high content in beta carotene. You can either eat it raw or make a delicious smoothie with it. Its high amount of vitamin A also makes it great to prevent skin dryness in the summer too.


Butternut squash

The pumpkin's little cousin, butternut squash proves as effective. A good way of benefiting from its properties is to eat it baked or to make a delicious butternut squash puree. Don't get rid of the seeds inside, as they are a great source of amino acids, making them great for your brain.



The most popular super-food also hides a great amount of beta carotene within. Among its many health benefits, it is a good source of fiber, vitamin C and even calcium, so it's a great addition to a vegan diet.


Dried Fruit

The best dried fruit that you can eat to get your dose of beta carotene is dried apricot, though dried peaches and prunes also prove as good.

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Top 10 Foods Rich in Beta Carotene
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Top 10 Foods Rich in Beta Carotene