The Best Ideas To Announce Pregnancy To Parents

By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: January 20, 2017
The Best Ideas To Announce Pregnancy To Parents

Until now, you have been a little darling for your parents. But now that you are pregnant, no one can be happier than your parents. Their little one is now going to be a parent himself or herself, and you need to be really creative to announce the news to them. Now that you have got a positive pregnancy test, here at, we are going to suggest some of the best ideas to announce pregnancy to parents.

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Steps to follow:

Setup a lunch date with your parents, greet them with a smile, and give them a gift box wrapped in beautiful paper. Ask them to open, and as they do, they must find a bib, baby bottle, diaper or anything baby related item in the gift box. They may feel a little confused, but as you smile and put your hand on the belly, they won’t take much time to understand what the gift is meant for.

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Buy a T-shirt, hat or belt for your mom or dad, and get it customized to write ‘World’s Best Grandma’ or ‘World’s Best Grandpa’ on it. Gift it to your parents, and ask them to wear it. As soon as they wear it and see themselves in the mirror, they will understand what’s the big news is.


Send them a greeting card via snail mail. The greeting card should be towards grandparents, instead of for parents. You can attach a sonography picture with the card, and write your due date inside. You may write ‘Happy New Year Grandpa, See you this September 15’. A snail mail is a surprise in itself these days, and the one that comes with such big news will really make their day.


If you already have an older child, you can get him or her involved in the act of announcing pregnancy to your parents. Ask him or her where your little brother or sister is, and teach the little one to point to your belly. Record this in a video, and forward it to your parents. You will instantly receive an excited call from them.


When you take your older child to a family get-together, wear him a shirt that says ‘Big Brother’ or ‘Big Sister’. Let him or her play all day, and wait until someone notices and points it out. This can be an amazing way of announcing your pregnancy to your family. Be prepared for lots of hugs, wishes and kisses as soon as the news is revealed.


Call your parents and tell them that you are coming for dinner. Ask them not to prepare a dessert, as you would be bringing something nice. Pick up a nice cake for dessert, and wait for the dinner to be over. When the dessert comes in, it will have ‘we’re pregnant’ written on it. It might be hard to keep quiet all through the dinner, but the excitement that comes with the dessert will be unexplainable.

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The Best Ideas To Announce Pregnancy To Parents
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The Best Ideas To Announce Pregnancy To Parents

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