The Best Food To Eat When Suffering From Diarrhea

The Best Food To Eat When Suffering From Diarrhea

When an upset stomach due to diarrhea becomes intense it can prevent us from eating normally for some time. During these periods it is important to take care of our stomach and help it recover and return to normal. While we may not feel like eating we should not spend too many hours without doing so or we will become weak. So you know how to avoid this, at we advise you on the best food to eat when suffering from diarrhea, foods that will help you recover without affecting your health.

Steps to follow:

When stools are frequent and lack consistency our body loses a lot of fluid, which can lead to dehydration. Therefore, among the best food to eat when suffering from diarrhea, we can not overlook taking in plenty of fluids.

Drinking water is important but if the diarrhea is severe you should also drink sports drinks or a saline solution which will help replenish the minerals lost with the illness.


If the diarrhea is very strong it is recommended to stop eating solid foods and instead only drink liquid for at least 6 hours. In more severe cases it is recommended to follow this measure for 24 hours.

Attention with this suggestion, hydration is essential and should not be suspended under any circumstance.


The most commonly recommended food for diarrhea is white rice or rice water. It must be prepared only with a little salt, oil or spices.

If you opt for rice water you will have to drink this juice every 2 or 3 hours. Once the stomach has recovered it is advisable to add some white rice by eating a small portion every 3 to 4 hours.


If the rice is well tolerated after 4 hours of being eaten it can be mixed with a little chicken or fish without seasoning. These foods you should eat when you suffer from diarrhea are lightweight and simple, helping our body to recover.


When our stomach has improved we can also add boiled apples and pears to this list of foods for diarrhea, as these are a soft and lightweight alternative.


It is also allowed to eat toasted bread, potato (only boiled, no seasoning) and unsalted crackers.

Foods such as yogurt or kefir are also useful, as it has recently been proved that, as probiotic foods, can aid in getting your intestinal flora back to normal.


While you have diarrhea you should avoid eating foods that prolong digestion or irritate the gastric mucous, for example:

  • Dairy (except plain yogurt, as mentioned above)
  • Vegetables which are high in fiber as these increase the amount and frequency of stools
  • Fried foods
  • Pastries and sugary foods
  • Chocolate
  • Soft drinks, packaged juices and alcoholic beverages
  • Condiments, very salty foods or meats

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