The Best Apps for First-time Dads

By Elsie Goycoolea. Updated: June 3, 2018
The Best Apps for First-time Dads

The excitement that you feel over the news that your wife is expecting a baby for the first time may be short lived as soon as you realize that becoming a parent is hard. There are so many new things that you must learn, buy and prepare for when the baby comes that you may suddenly feel overwhelmed and completely lost. Nothing can replace old wisdom and family advice; but sometimes technology may prove to be a handy helper. There are many apps for first-time dads to make the parenting process as smooth as it can get.

On this oneHOWTO article we share the best apps for first-time dads.

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Apps for pregnancy FAQs

A first time dad will need to know about the ABCs of parenthood, this is why the most essential app for a first time father is a FAQs type app.

mPregnancy – for Men with Pregnant Women

Children get to learn about pregnancy and labor delivery at school; but by the time children grow up and start having babies most of this information has long escaped from their brain. This app has the answers to some of the most common pregnancy questions such as what foods are safe for the baby, which are the best sleeping positions or how to properly feed a baby.

Pregnancy for men

Women tend to be better informed about what is going on during a pregnancy because, well, they are the ones carrying the baby. However, men can also stay up-to-date on what is going on inside the belly with the app Pregnancy for men. This app shares enough information about the pregnancy process; as well as, advice from other men on how to change a nappy.


Sometimes it is hard to trust the information that you find online and it is not always possible to call your doctor's office for advice. iPregnancy app is written by a gynecologist (OBGYN) where you will be able to find specific details about the gestational period and get to learn what to expect for the next few months.

The Best Apps for First-time Dads - Apps for pregnancy FAQs

Apps to help babies sleep

One of the most frustrating things for first time parents is to get their babies to sleep. Nowadays, apps can help you with this task too.

Baby Shusher

The first few weeks, and sometimes months, are hard on the sleeping front. Expecting to have a full night’s sleep is genuinely not going to happen; however, trying to at least have a few hours of rest may be possible. Baby Shusher app makes use of a rhythmic shush sound that mimics the sound the baby hears inside the belly.

Sleepy Sounds

Sleepy Sounds app allows you to program a calming and relaxing sound to help your baby sleep. You can set a timer and choose among different nature sounds, lullabies or even play your own music. Moreover, you can also play some video animation along the music to help relax your crying baby.

The Best Apps for First-time Dads - Apps to help babies sleep

Apps to entertain babies and toddlers

What to do with a baby to keep it happy? Though you can also find activities that don't involve technology, these apps will make it easier for your baby to have some fun.


It is no secret that children look up to their parents when they are young. Sometimes they even like to act being adults by using many of our objects including our phones. We are always on our phones so they surely must get curious as to what is this handy device for. iBabyPhone app transforms your phone into a kid friendly phone so they get to have some fun too.

Baby Rattle

Children used to like playing with toys and rattles. Nowadays, children play with rattles that are inside a tech device. The app will show different shapes and colors that will respond to hand touch by emitting different sounds. It is also a helpful learning tool that targets sight, sound and touch.

The Best Apps for First-time Dads - Apps to entertain babies and toddlers

Apps to stay organized

Last but not least, first time dads will also want to take part in their child's day to day activities, so it's important to stay organized at all times.


Organization is key when you are a first-time dad. New tasks will come up and you will need somewhere to write them down or you will forget about them. Honey-Do is your way to keep all your to-do’s in one simple place including grocery lists or appointments that you can check off when completed.


As soon as you become a parent you will want to take a picture of your child every single second. The first smile, the first walk, the first birthday are things you don’t want to miss. There are many firsts and you will want to take a picture of all of them. Grovebook offers you a simple and clean way to organize all your pictures and group them into books.

Cozi Family Organizer

Sometimes you wish you could clone yourself and have two of you to figure everything out. While that isn’t possible yet, what may help clear up some of your chaos is Cozy Family Organizer. This app has it all to keep you organized. You can add lists, create color codding options, save recipes, upload photos and much, much more.

The Best Apps for First-time Dads - Apps to stay organized

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The Best Apps for First-time Dads
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The Best Apps for First-time Dads

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