Should You Use E-Cigarettes To Quit Smoking

By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: January 25, 2017
Should You Use E-Cigarettes To Quit Smoking

E-cigarettes have widely been accepted as a healthier alternative to cigarettes. But have you ever tried them as a way to quit smoking?. A large number of people have successfully quit smoking with the help of these electronic cigarettes, but do they have a scientific logic, or it is just a mental mindset of the users. Here at, we are going to discuss if should you use e-cigarettes to quit smoking.

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How does an e-cigarette work?

Advocates of e-cigarettes say that these can actually help in quitting smoking, and they are a much healthier option than real tobacco cigarettes. These electronic cigarettes deliver nicotine by using vapor instead of smoke, which makes them a safer alternative. Smoke from real cigarettes is primarily linked to cancer, and when there is no smoke with e-cigarettes, you are rendered safe and protected. Because there is no smoke or tobacco, toxic chemicals are not delivered to your lungs, and it is just vapor that you inhale while smoking an e-cig.

Should You Use E-Cigarettes To Quit Smoking - How does an e-cigarette work?

Benefits of e-cigarettes

Users of e-cigarettes experience easier breathing, less coughing, no stained teeth and no smoky odors. Because an electronic cigarette looks and feels much like a regular cigarette, people find it easier to switch to e-cigarettes from regular cigarettes. While some e-cig users are still smoking regular cigarettes too, many of them have completely switched to e-cigarettes.

In order to give a real cigarette feel to the users, electronic cigarette cartridges are also available in tobacco flavors. However, if you are determined to quit smoking and don’t want to feel it again, you may get other flavors, such as mint and chocolate.

E-cigarette companies make cartridges in different nicotine strengths. If you are planning to quit smoking, then you can start by the same nicotine amount your body is used to, and gradually decrease the nicotine strength level until you reach zero nicotine strength.

Health risks of e-cigarettes

There are several studies that suggest that e-cigarettes will also have the same withdrawal symptoms as those of regular tobacco, as the addictive substance, i.e. nicotine, is still present in these electronic cigarettes.

E-cigarettes have not yet been approved by the FDA, so there is no real scientific proof of how effective it is to help smokers quit.

According to the American Lung Organisation, there are studies that have found other harmful chemicals in electronic cigarettes such as formaldehyde and benzene, the consequences of which are still being investigated in medium and long term.

Should You Use E-Cigarettes To Quit Smoking - Health risks of e-cigarettes


Though it is a first step for smokers to quit, this method is still being studied and has doubtful secondary effects. Therefore, it is advisable to try other methods if you are planning to quit smoking.

If you want to try this method it is best if you consult your doctor first. Remember it also has addictive substances so you should make sure you don't create a new addiction.

At OneHowTo we want to help you quit smoking so take a look at how to cleans your lungs after quitting smoking.

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Should You Use E-Cigarettes To Quit Smoking
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Should You Use E-Cigarettes To Quit Smoking

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