Products to Get Rid of Lice

Products to Get Rid of Lice

Lice are one of the most common childhood pests, and it only takes the start of the school year for mothers to be alert to the presence of these nasty parasites that cause so much trouble in children. Although small, they can cause many problems, causing intense itching and sores on the scalp. Getting rid of them is possible but appropriate treatments must be used regularly to eliminate them completely. So at we explain which products eliminate lice successfully.

Shampoo for lice

One of the most common treatments for lice is special shampoo, a product with certain ingredients that wash after wash, helps kill these parasites and their eggs, helping to eliminate them. It is certainly one of the most popular alternatives when parents are trying to get rid of them.

Hair lotion to eliminate lice

Hair lotions are leaders among lice eliminating products because they work quite effectively. They are left in the hair for a period of usually about 30 minutes, preferably using a cap. This product works by killing lice and nits making it easier to get rid of them.

Nit comb

When it comes to products for getting rid of lice the nit comb is essential. These little eggs stick to the hair strands and are difficult to remove, but the special combs have very narrow and unified bristles that drag the nits out during brushing. They are often used in parallel with the above mentioned treatments, facilitating the removal of the eggs of these parasites.

Repellent spray

Once you've gotten rid of the lice and nits, what we want most is for the child's head to be kept free from these parasites for as long as possible. And a good way is by using repellent sprays that help prevent reinfection. A great way to protect the health of children.

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