Most Common Myths about Menstruation

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
Most Common Myths about Menstruation

Surely during your life you've heard a great deal of myths about menstruation such as when you are on your period, you cannot bath, have sex, or get pregnant. But is there any truth to these myths? At OneHowto we uncover the most common myths about menstruation for you to know if they are genuine or not.

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There is a myth about periods that says if you eat citrus fruits, especially lemons, the critic acid of this food can stop your menstrual bleeding. This myth is totally false since any food that you eat when you're on your period cannot modify or cancel a woman's natural cycle.


Another period myth tells us that, during this time, taking a bath or getting into water is bad for you. This is a false myth as water coming into contact with your body does not increase nor negatively affect your menstruation or the body's internal temperature.


You may have also heard that when you are on your period, you should avoid doing physical exercise. This mesntruation myth is false since physical activity can actually help alleviate period pain and keep you in good shape during your menstruation.

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According to another period myth the sooner your first period comes, the sooner you will start menopause. This is another false belief since your period of fertility has absolutely no impact on when you start the menopause. The length of time that a woman will have periods throughout her life depends on the number of eggs that she was born with and the health of her reproductive organs.


There is another myth about your period that deals with the possibility of getting pregnant during this time. It is believed that while you are on your period, you can have unprotected sex since there is no chance of getting pregnant.

At OneHowto we want to assure you that this myth is entirely untrue: although it is less likely, you still run the risk of getting of pregnant even while you are on your period. So don't take a chance! If you want more information on this take a look at this article: can you get pregnant if...?

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Another period myth concerns having sex while you are on your period. Many women believe that they cannot make love during this time. This menstruation myth is also false. While it is true that many women prefer not to have sex during their periods, this choice is for hygiene reasons more than anything else. However, at OneHowTo we give you some tips and ideas on ways to have sex on your period.

In fact, some scientific studies have shown that sex can alleviate period pains and reduce the women's risk of suffering from a condition called endometriosis.

This article is merely informative, oneHOWTO does not have the authority to prescribe any medical treatments or create a diagnosis. We invite you to visit your doctor if you have any type of condition or pain.

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DR ramsha
want article about absent menstruation and how to regulate girls menstruation normally without taking any pill ( because of adverse effect)
OneHowTo Editor
The best you could do is ask your gynecologist for alternatives. However, evening primrose is a natural remedy that can help regulate menstruation:
Hope this helps

Most Common Myths about Menstruation
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Most Common Myths about Menstruation

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