How to Treat Acute Pancreatitis with Appropriate Diet

How to Treat Acute Pancreatitis with Appropriate Diet

Pancreatitis is the medical term that refers to inflammation of the pancreas. This condition is caused in most cases by stones in the gallbladder or alcohol abuse, although it can also be caused by frequently taking certain drugs or genetic predisposition. Caring for the pancreas is important to ensure your recovery and treat acute pancreatitis. One of the most important aspects of pancreas recovery is appropriate treatment diet. At, we explain in detail how to treat acute pancreatitis with appropriate diet.

Steps to follow:

Pancreatitis is a serious condition that requires medical supervision to ensure the health of the patient. There are two types of pancreatitis, acute and chronic, so identifying symptoms is important for getting the proper treatment.

  • Acute Pancreatitis: usually occurs due to a high fat diet or excessive alcohol abuse. With proper care and appropriate treatment diet the inflammation can disappear and the pancreas can return to its normal state. This condition is characterized by abdominal pain which can also occur in the back and waist, vomiting, fever and sometimes difficulty breathing.
  • Chronic Pancreatitis: Occurs when pancreas damage progresses, slowly becoming irreversible. In this state, the condition is chronic and incurable. It has the same symptoms of acute pancreatitis but the patient also has diarrhea, poor digestion, weight loss and intolerance to alcohol. Although appropriate diet is central to easing the pain, there is no appropriate treatment diet that will make this condition disappear.

If you suspect inflammation of the pancreas, you should immediately see a doctor, because pancreatitis requires a exhaustive monitoring to ensure that the pancreas is rested so that it regains its proper function.

To treat acute pancreatitis, the patient should get complete bed rest and fast for 48 hours. So, at the beginning, the appropriate treatment diet to treat acute pancreatitis is no food at all. You can only ingest liquids and camomile tea to assist the cleansing of the stomach and intestines. The intensive administration of intravenous fluids also helps recovery.


When pancreatitis occurs due to the presence of gallstones it is important to remove the stones quickly. In this case, the doctor will determine the most appropriate procedure to be followed. They will also determine the appropriate treatment diet to follow after the removal of the gallstones.


If in the early hours of pancreatitis, the patient is in pain, they must apply hot compresses to the affected area as well as in the high and middle part of the stomach. Analgesic use is common when there is a lot of pain.


Now, the appropriate treatment diet to treat acute pancreatitis. After the first few days of fasting and lying in bed, patients can start drink water with sugar and then follow a plant-based raw food treatment diet to treat acute pancreatitis. This way the toxic substances in the body can be eliminated.

Alcohol consumption, as well as heavy and fried foods are absolutely prohibited in the appropriate treatment diet for acute pancreatitis.


In the event of chronic pancreatitis, treatment is not through diet. Medicines will be prescribed by a physician. They will usually include pancreatic enzymes or insulin. In addition to the medication, patients must undergo some lifestyle changes, and then also follow an appropriate treatment diet. First of all, quitting smoking and reducing alcohol intake and then, improving the food they eat. Although chronic pancreatitis cannot be treated through diet, it can be eased. An appropriate treatment diet includes lots of carbohydrates, fresh vegetables and fruits. It is not advisable to eat fat, or high protein foods such as animal products.


To treat acute pancreatitis, and recover well, after the first 48 hours, an appropriate treatment diet includes broth made with nettles, onion, green celery and lemon juice. We recommend drinking a hot cup of the broth an hour before food, drinking it very slowly.


Therefore, appropriate treatment diet is a very important aspect in the recovery from acute pancreatitis.

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