How to Treat a Motorcycle Burn

How to Treat a Motorcycle Burn

When we are riding a motorcycle or are just walking down the pavement, we can be at risk of lightly touching the hot motorcycle exhaust pipe leaving us with a painful burn. These wounds are usually second-degree burns since the injury turns into a blister. However, in some cases it can be a third degree burn and there could be tissue loss. The most important thing is to treat the wound in time, so in this OneHowTo article we tell you how to treat a motorcycle burn.

Steps to follow:

To treat a motorcycle burn it is important to disinfect the wound before the blister forms, so it is best to dampen a cotton with a little hydrogen peroxide and dab the wound a few times, taking care when touching it, as these burns are usually excruciatingly painful.


Once you have disinfected the motorcycle burn, it is recommended to place some dampen gauze on the wound to relieve the burn and prevent the heat from continuing to penetrate the layers of the skin. It is best to use sterile gauze moistened with purified water and leave it on the burn.


The best way to cure a motorcycle burn is to apply saline solution to the wound, then clean with gauze and spray this solution on again and wait for it to dry. Saline solution is ideal for treating this type of burn because it helps to regenerate skin tissue while avoiding infection.


After treating the motorcycle burn with saline solution, it is important to put a gauze bandage on the wound to prevent further rubbing or contact with any external agent that could infect the wound. You have to treat the wound twice a day, every day, until it improves.


As with any second-degree burn, it is important to take care of the blisters. Don't burst them because then the skin dermis will be exposed to infections again. Blisters, even if they don't seem it, are a sort of a protection for the wounded skin tissue and it is best to let them go down on their own.


Once the blister has gone down and the wound starts to heal, it is best to apply calendula or aloe vera ointment to help regenerate the tissue as best as possible, hydrate it, and prevent it from scarring. You can make aloe vera ice cubes by freezing aloe to treat and soothe your motorcycle burn easily.

Make sure you know how to get rid of a burn scar too so there is no trace of it on your skin.


While you are suffering from a motorcycle burn, it is recommended to only cover the injury with gauze to prevent chafing. Therefore, it is best not to wear any type of clothing over the affected area.

Take a look at other home remedies to treat a burn for more alternatives.

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