How to Take Omega-3 for Weight Loss

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By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 25, 2017
How to Take Omega-3 for Weight Loss

Feeling good about oneself and losing weight is a big problem for many people. However, many of us are unable to follow strict diets that involve daily constant effort. If you find yourself in this situation, carefully read the following article. At we give you some tips to look good and feel better. Learn about how to take omega-3 for weight loss. The foods rich in this fatty acid will help you reduce your body fat without much effort. Take note!

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Steps to follow:


First, you must remember that to lose weight healthily you must have a healthy diet which is rich and varied and you must also do some moderate exercise. These are the main keys to improve both your appearance, your self-esteem and your quality of life.


Before taking any dietary supplement or starting a diet, it is recommended that you consult your doctor or nutritionist so he or she can set some guidelines to follow. This way you will lower your weight adequately and safely and without risk of contracting any illnesses.


There are certain foods that help eliminate toxins and purify our body faster. In addition, they work our body more, so it is easier to lose localized fat whilst also supplying a lot of vitamins and minerals. The products rich in omega 3 have these properties, making them ideal for dieting. Egg yolk, vegetable oils, sage seeds, blue fish and nuts are among these foods.

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Fish is one of the products highest in omega 3 as it contains few fatty acids and therefore helps eliminate our extra weight. Oily fish has the most omega 3, among them are salmon, sardines, mackerel and tuna.

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Do not go overboard with the consumption of fish. As they contain little fat these foods require our body to use its energy reserves to work efficiently, so we can lose weight. However, consuming a lot oily fish we can bring on other health problems. Remember, the diet should be rich and varied.


For omega 3 to do its work and help you lose weight you must reduce your intake of red meat and increase consumption of fruits and vegetables. Like so you get to keep a balanced and healthy diet to help you lose some pounds and keep you at your ideal weight. The ideal way to do this is to follow the Mediterranean diet.


Omega 3 does not only have antioxidants that expel toxins from the body, but also help to keep your body healthy. It is imperative that you consume a lot of water every day to help remove fat and purify yourself. Whist you hydrate yourself the water will also help satisfy your body if you are very hungry.


Furthermore, there are dietary supplements (rich in EPA and DHA) in tablet or capsule format which can help you to consume the adequate daily amount of omega-3. Experts recommend taking 3 capsules of omega-3 per day if you want to lose weight and burn calories.

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Diets high in omega 3 prevent the onset of heart disease. Also, incorporating dietary omega 3 supplements or increasing consumption of foods rich in fatty acids, you will reduce insulin levels in your body, further lowering your body weight. Remember to always talk to your doctor before buying any dietary supplement.


Once you have medical consent to take omega 3 for weight loss, take one capsule daily during the first week so to accustom your body. Do it in the morning and swallow it with a glass of water to accompany the capsule. During the second week, increase the dose and take two pills. You can do it morning and night. Finally, add a third capsule to diet and distribute these through the day (morning-afternoon-evening).

Consult your dietary needs with a nutritionist. You can consume up to 8 capsules of omega 3 a day, or what is the same, 6 grams of fish oil if you have no medical conditions.


Add flaxseed, soybeans and nuts to your diet as well as broccoli and green vegetables to boost your weight loss, as these are also high in omega-3.

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This article is merely informative, oneHOWTO does not have the authority to prescribe any medical treatments or create a diagnosis. We invite you to visit your doctor if you have any type of condition or pain.

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How to Take Omega-3 for Weight Loss