How to Stop Negative Thoughts

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Stop Negative Thoughts

We've all gone through situations that overwhelm us, situations that generate a sense of helplessness that grips us. However, the important thing is how you react to these situations. Do you have the ability to face them in a positive way or will you simply react in a negative way? Generally, these situations generate a series of negative thoughts that affect our behavior. To transform these negative thoughts into positive reactions and behavior we should try to identify them and work on them to see an improvement. Next we'll give you some tips to help you identify these ideas and teach you how to stop negative thoughts.

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Steps to follow:

Manifestation. When we have negative thoughts it is generally accompanied by a change of mood. These manifestations are diverse; we may become nervous, angry or anxious in some cases. Our body is also involved in our response. We tremble and sweat and our heart beats faster than usual.


Negative thinking. When faced with a situation that causes us stress and discomfort, a series of negative thoughts tend to creep in. These thoughts are often accompanied by actions like running away from the situation, screaming or just remaining silent. You should start working with these thoughts. Control them so that these reactions are not generated and turn them into positive ones.

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Identification. To stop negative thoughts you should take some time to think about what type of thoughts you are having. Make a list of all of them, however insignificant they may seem. Also try to identify the feelings that you get with each one. Some may make you feel sad, angry or helpless. Try to distinguish between each thought and its feeling.

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Origin. Try to identify every situation that generates a negative thought. It is important to establish which moments trigger these kinds of thoughts. The problem is not what they say to you or what happens but its relationship with your own life. This may make you remember a stage in your life or a time when you were underestimated or were not trusted. It is essential to try and detect the origin to be able to overcome it.


Prevention. Once you have identified the source as well as the trigger for each negative thought you'll be able to prevent them. Try to replace them with positive thoughts and see reality from another perspective. Often talking to someone you trust allows you to look at things from another angle and change our behavior. Carry out this exercise often and with dedication as it is not a simple task.


Turn the situation around. The best tool to stop negative thoughts is to build your confidence and think about all your great qualities that will make these negative thoughts seem ridiculous. If you have trouble finding the confidence you need we recommend you read this article on how to boost your self-esteem and confidence.

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How to Stop Negative Thoughts
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How to Stop Negative Thoughts

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