How to start learning Reiki

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to start learning Reiki

Reiki practitioners claim that people are attracted to this form of healing at the moment where they are most in need of its benefits. In some mysterious way, universal life energy arouses our interest and invites us to discover it at crucial moments of our life; this is the moment where our engagement is greatest and the return from this learning will be most felt. Here we explain how to start learning Reiki.

Steps to follow:

Reiki techniques are easily learned in a course taught by a master. Teaching is divided into three degrees or levels in which you can access everything related to the history and workings of this therapy. Some of this information can be found in books about Reiki, but the most important elements are the activities (also called 'initiations' or 'harmonisations') which serve to start the student's channelling of energy. This process requires the help and supervision of a Reiki master.


The best way to learn about a possible course is to ask a therapist with whom you have a good relationship. Perhaps he or she will impart the course directly or otherwise will be able to recommend someone. However, advice and guidance in taking the first steps is usually very valuable. Before enrolling in a course it is essential to check that you have a good rapport with the teacher, but you should also know where the classes will take place, their duration and the number of participants per group.


The Reiki course content is always similar but how to approach this varies according to the master. Usually they have an informal functioning and combine theory with practice. A class can have up to twenty people, all located at the same level of learning. Contact between the group members is very important because the exchange of experiences enriches each of the participants and promotes joint development.


Many Reiki courses include personal development exercises that help to have more confidence in the teacher and peers.


Being initiated into Reiki has nothing mysterious or exclusive. Initiation does not mean joining a cult or neither is it reserved for a select few. Sometimes this concept is identified with occult practices and secret rituals, but who expects such things from a Reiki course will be very disappointed. It is true that learning this healing method involves some ceremony, some regulated acts where there is contact with spiritual or higher elements.


Anyone who has experienced this process knows that indeed initiates are called to achieve unity and harmony with the cosmos through energy. But this path of research and discovery is open to all who want to follow it.


The duration of a Reiki course is something necessarily flexible. Often intensive weekend courses are offered, but most teachers agree that this accelerated instruction is not advisable because those being initiated need more time to become accustomed to the process of channelling energy, have healing capacity develop and achieve optimal levels of comprehension and concentration. A weekend can be suitable for first grade, which usually requires 12 to 18 hours.


Learning Reiki and haste are incompatible. Urgency can disorient the student and make him or her feel uncomfortable or dissatisfied. In addition, an important aspect of the training is practical and gradual exercise of healing techniques.


Between the first and the second degree of Reiki it is best to let some time pass for the beginner's knowledge to mature. This period is determined by the person (who will usually have the final say) because everyone knows their own pace of assimilation.

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How to start learning Reiki
How to start learning Reiki

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