How to Reduce Eye Swelling from Sty

How to Reduce Eye Swelling from Sty

Natural ways to reduce eye swelling from sty include applying hot compresses and chamomile tea. If those methods do not work, a topical antibiotic will be necessary.

Although it may seem like they appear from nowhere, without any apparent cause, sties are actually due to a bacterial infection in the upper or lower eyelid that creates a small, uncomfortable and sometimes painful, lump. Therefore, it's important to find ways to avoid getting and spreading sties, as well as ways of removing them or accelerate the healing process so that they disappear more quickly. If you suffer from these irritating growths on your eyes, read our oneHOWTO article for some tips and trick on how to reduce eye swelling from sty.

Steps to follow:

First, one of the best ways to reduce eye swelling from sty is to apply heat to the affected eye to 'ripen' the sty. Although you might be tempted to do that, never apply ice or other cooling methods to try to eliminate a sty.


One of the most common ways of applying heat to reduce eye swelling from sty is to place hot compresses on the eye. To do this, heat water in a saucepan and, when it has cooled a bit, dip a clean cloth or gauze into the water, fold in half and use as a compress.


Likewise, the medicinal herb, chamomile, is also effective for speeding up the healing process, given its anti-inflammatory properties. Simply make an infusion using dried chamomile flowers, or use a teabag, and let stand a few minutes to cool slightly. Whilst it is still warm, use some gauze or a cotton bud to apply it to the sty to reduce eye swelling from sty.


The doctor may also prescribe antibiotic ointments which will help to reduce swelling and eliminate the infection caused by bacteria in the eye. Apply carefully to avoid direct contact with your eyes, as they can cause itching and irritation.


Similarly, it is essential to take appropriate measures to avoid spreading the infection to other members of the household, or even from one eye to the other. Avoid sharing towels and other personal hygiene items with others and also wash your hands thoroughly after/before touching your eyes.


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