How to prevent type 2 diabetes

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to prevent type 2 diabetes

In recent decades, worldwide rates of diabetes mellitus have increased alarmingly: poor diet, physical inactivity and obesity are some of the elements responsible for this condition that is the inability of the body to use and store glucose, causing it to remain in the blood and affecting the metabolism. But some suggestions could make you stay healthy, so in we give you the key points so you know how to prevent type 2 diabetes

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Steps to follow:

Type 2 diabetes is the most common of all and is presented in advanced ages , when insulin production is insufficient and the body can not use it properly making the body resistant to the action of the insulin


The causes are varied but their is certainly a hereditary factor which is of great importance, in addition to the habits of each individual throughout his or her life, so following a healthy routine is very important


To prevent type 2 diabetes you must eat correctly, reducing the consumption of saturated fats, fried foods, refined sugar and increasing the intake of vegetables and complex carbohydrates such as pasta or rice, preferably wholegrain

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Control consumption of alcohol because believe it or not certain drinks are loaded with huge amounts of sugars contributing little nutrition to our body, so the best option is to drink them in moderation

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Although throughout life our metabolism is changing it is important to make an effort to keep within a proper weight according to your body, because obesity is a major cause of type 2 diabetes

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Physical activity is vital to prevent this condition, helping to reduce risks in addition to keeping your body healthy and with many other diseases at bay, so try to exercise at least three times a week

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Carry out a complete medical check-up at least once a year, including a review of the blood sugar values to ensure everything is correct. This is even more necessary if you have cases of diabetes in your family

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Always choose water over soda or sugary drinks to keep you hydrated as there is nothing better for the body. Water has many benefits for the body. Find out how much water you should be drinking daily.

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Overall try to lead a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet that allows you to take advantage of all nutrients at each meal and do some exercise. These simple guidelines can help keep you safe from type 2 diabetes

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  • Having healthy lifestyle habits and attending an annual medical check up are the most important keys to preventing type 2 diabetes

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How to prevent type 2 diabetes
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How to prevent type 2 diabetes

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