How to prevent kidney stones

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 20, 2017
How to prevent kidney stones

The kidney stones are a common condition which can be prevented if we make some major changes in our diet and daily habits. People with this condition have a high chance of suffering again in the future, though some measures may well avoid favoring the kidney health. In, we explain how to prevent kidney stones successfully.

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To learn how to prevent kidney stones, it is important to understand what causes them, thus making the necessary changes to succeed in stopping their recurrence. The kidney stones may occur in hereditary form, however in most patients these are manifested due to excessive intake of calcium and oxalate, two ingredients present in many foods.

The possibility of suffering can also be increased by:

  • The low intake of water daily.
  • Suffering diseases of the small intestine.
  • Having severe urinary tract infections.
  • Suffering from gout because it increases the possibility of suffering from uric acid.
  • Frequently ingesting drugs that may increase the chance of developing stones.

Because patients who have already suffered from kidney stones have a high chance of suffering again if no major lifestyle changes are made, it is necessary to consider some recommendations for prevent kidney stones.

The first and simplest is to increase fluid intake daily. It is recommended that at least 2 liters water, plus tea and eat foods with a high water content like fruits and vegetables. People who produce less than a liter of urine daily are more likely to suffer from kidney stones. If you feel that the item costs you particularly, we invite you to consult our article how to drink more water daily and what are the benefits of drinking water.

How to prevent kidney stones - Step 2

Depending on the type and size of kidney stones you had, you must make adjustments to your given. The best dietary recommendation for patients that are prone to kidney stones is to reduce salt intake. The average diet contains a lot more salt than is healthy. You should ad very little salt to your food, and avoid canned and pre-packaged meals, as they contain a lot of salt. Patients with calcium stones should reduce the intake of this mineral reducing the consumption of milk and its derivatives. Remember that you should never completely eliminate calcium from your diet as this is an important mineral.

How to prevent kidney stones - Step 3

The foods rich in oxalate should also be eaten in moderation if the stones that occur are formed by the accumulation of these salts. Thus, it is necessary to limit the consumption of ingredients like spinach, chocolate, coffee, wheat, nuts or beetroot to prevent kidney stones.

How to prevent kidney stones - Step 4

Similarly patients with high uric acid must watch his diet not only to regulate the presence of this substance in the body, but also so that it does not favor the production kidney stones that can generate extra complications. It limits the maximum foods that increase uric acid and improve your overall health.

OneHowto offers you a complete list of foods to avoid if you have kidney stones.

How to prevent kidney stones - Step 5

In addition to implementing these changes in diet, physical activity will improve your overall health and reduce the chance of suffering another kidney stone. Also, always follow the advice given to you by your physician, as they know your specific situation. If deemed necessary, a specialist may suggest the intake of drugs or diuretics to decrease the probability of suffering from kidney stones.

This article is merely informative, oneHOWTO does not have the authority to prescribe any medical treatments or create a diagnosis. We invite you to visit your doctor if you have any type of condition or pain.

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How to prevent kidney stones
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How to prevent kidney stones

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