How To Make Juice For Arthritis

How To Make Juice For Arthritis

Natural juices are a very effective remedy to relieve symptoms of arthritis and they also supplement treatments that have been prescribed by the doctor. Arthritis is a disease characterized by inflammation in the joints and thus generates a lot of pain for the sufferer. Among all the variants of this affliction, the most common are rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, gout and tendinitis. To reduce the pain as much as possible, you should constantly exercise the joints and consider recommendations such as drinking natural juices. Read on and discover how to make juice for arthritis.

Celery juice for arthritis

One of the best natural remedies to combat the symptoms of arthritis is celery. This is because the polyacetylene inside celery has anti-inflammatory properties. It also has high sodium and potassium levels, which have the ability to remove the calcium deposits that arthritis generates around the bones and joints. Also, this plant is a great source of vitamin C, which is essential for the treatment of arthritis. To make this juice, you will need:

  • 6 stalks of celery
  • Water

To start, thoroughly wash the celery stalks. Remember to remove the plant's leaves. Chuck the stalks into the blender and blend. If you do not have a blender, you use a container and then process the chopped up celery with a whisk or a pestle. Once crushed, you can take it as it is or add water to make it into a more liquid concoction. For more details, see our video on how to make celery juice.


Celery and carrot juice for arthritis

In this juice for arthritis, celery teams up with another very effective plant to treat arthritis and relieve pain. The humble carrot is here to help! This food is highly rich in Vitamin A, which significantly promotes the health of your joints and it also strengthens your immune system. If you combine both products, the result is an excellent juice to combat the symptoms of this horrible disease. To prepare this juice, you need the following ingredients:

  • 5 medium carrots
  • 3 stalks of celery

Wash and peel the carrots, chop off the ends and dispose of them. Then wash the celery stalks, remove any leaves and cut the stalks up into smaller chunks. Toss it all in a container or the blender and then process the mix.


Papaya and orange juice for arthritis

Thanks to the effectiveness of their anti-inflammatory properties, papaya is one of the most beneficial fruits for patients with arthritis. To enhance its effects, ideally you should combine it with a citrus fruit such as orange or lemon, because of the high percentage of vitamin C in these fruits. To prepare the juice, you will need:

  • 2 papayas
  • 1 orange

Extract the juice from the orange and set aside in the blender or a container. Wash the papayas, peel them, remove the seeds, chop up the flesh of the fruit and add it to the blender to be minced up.


Garlic and lemon juice for arthritis

Garlic has both anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. So, it's perfect for reducing substances that cause inflammation of the joints as well as the pain caused by arthritis. To weaken the strong taste of the garlic and to enhance the anti-inflammatory effects, it is best to mix garlic with lemon. So, to prepare this juice you will need the following ingredients:

  • 3 garlic cloves
  • 1 lemon

First, peel the garlic, and cut off the ends. Discard the ends. Then, squeeze the lemon juice and add it to the garlic. Pop everything in the blender and process. Remember you can also use a liquidiser.


Cherry juice for combating arthritis

One of the most popular benefits of cherries is the high content of polyphenols. These are substances with the ability to fight the inflammation caused by arthritis and other inflammatory diseases. One of these polyphenols is called anthocyanin, a natural chemical which, in addition to being anti-inflammatory, is a potent antioxidant. Also, cherries are another great source of vitamin C, which contain all the components required to reduce the symptoms of arthritis. To make this juice, simply collect 150 g of cherries (or more if you want to prepare more juice), wash them, remove the stalks and pips. Chop them up and blend them.


How to take juice for arthritis

When tackling the pain caused by arthritis, vitamin C and antioxidants play a key role because of their anti-inflammatory properties. The above juices contain a high level of vitamins and antioxidants which are effective both as anti-inflammatory and diuretic agents, so their intake is very much recommended for patients with arthritis. However, this is not enough. It is essential to eat a healthy and balanced diet. Follow your doctor's instructions and suggestions.

It is best to drink these juices in the morning just after getting up. It is not advisable to drink more than one every day. You can drink one every day without any issues. It may take some time for you to notice a major improvement. Be patient. It is always advisable to consult a specialist or your doctor if you have any doubts or concerns.

This article is merely informative, oneHOWTO does not have the authority to prescribe any medical treatments or create a diagnosis. We invite you to visit your doctor if you have any type of condition or pain.

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