How To Make Diet Cereal Bars

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How To Make Diet Cereal Bars

Cereal bars are great because they contain a lot of supplements that help improve performance and regain lost energy during physical exercise. It's most common to buy cereal energy bars in a store, but if you are on a diet and want to control what you put in each bar, then we'll explain how to make diet cereal bars step by step.

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Steps to follow:

To start making diet cereal bars you need a cereal base containing no added sugar. Read ingredient labels carefully to ensure this. You can use whole grains like oatmeal or a cereal from a box like "Cheerios" or "Fiber One (original recipe without sugar)."


Compress the cereal by breaking it into very small pieces.


Mix the cereal with a substance that enables the cereal to become a paste that is not high in fats or sugar. Do not use honey or burnt sugar. You can use a sugar-free jam or peanut butter, but make sure there is no sugar added.

How To Make Diet Cereal Bars - Step 3

Stir the mixture in the above process well, the cereal bars will be richer if well mixed.


You can add some seeds to the bars like sesame seeds, lightly toasted peanuts, peanuts, nuts, macadamia nuts, etc. Breaking them into small pieces will help you to make the cereal bars.

How To Make Diet Cereal Bars - Step 5

Put the mixture in aluminium foil in the quantity you want your cereal bar to be or, if you have a bar mold, even better as you can use it.


Leave the diet bars dry place at room temperature or bake the bars at a low temperature of 32° C (89.6°F) for a few hours.

How To Make Diet Cereal Bars - Step 7

Seal the diet bars with aluminium foil or cling film and store them in the freezer, ready to eat as a delicious meal or snack.

If you liked this recipe another great energy cereal bar that is completely healthy and which you can make at home are flapjacks.

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  • Store the dietary bars in the fridge and keep them in foil or saran wrap.

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How To Make Diet Cereal Bars
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How To Make Diet Cereal Bars

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