How to Lose your Beer Belly

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Lose your Beer Belly

Currently, and for many years now, there has been a series of stereotypes based on gender: women and cellulite, men and beer bellies... Over the years people are more likely to accumulate a few kilos and, as their bodies wither, they will do less physical activity. Obviously there are always exceptions to this fickle rule, but the body is not the same when you're young that when one is in adulthood. In the case of men, the beer belly is one of the most frequent and commonly seen afflictions. It signals some bad habits, but that does not mean that it cannot also affect women.

In this article on we explain the steps so you know how to lose your beer belly once and for all.

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Beer belly: abdominal obesity

If we call the beer belly by its scientific name, it is known as abdominal obesity. This is one of the most dangerous problems of obesity, which involves the accumulation of fat around the waist. These people have a higher risk of developing cardiovascular disease or even being struck down with sudden death.

We must assume that, if you have beer belly, it is because there's something that you have not been doing well or you are a victim of something. That something could, more specifically, be related to diet and exercise. We all tend to associate the beer belly with the frequent consumption of beer, but the reality is that, while it is true that beer can contribute to the growth of the belly, it depends largely on the amount ingested. In fact, a moderate consumption of beer does not involve a lot of calories. The real problem is an unhealthy life style: a poor diet, lack of exercise, etc. Therefore, the real reason for the beer belly is a fatty diet. This means that you can enjoy a beer with friends, but you should not overdo it with the consumption or combine it with snacks that are rich in fat, such as chips or sausage, in addition to moderate exercise. Finding the real cause of a beer belly is the first step to combat it.

The choice of beer

The first step you must take to lose your beer belly is the following: when you meet in a bar and go to ask for a beer, choose one that is less fattening. Beers have different levels of alcohol and carbohydrates. Lagers are less fattening than toast or wheaten beers. It is best to ask for an alcohol-free beer or a light beer and not exceed three a day. A non-alcoholic beer has half the calories than one with alcohol.

The action of ordering a beer can be accompanied by an almost automatic reflex to ask for a sneaky snack. It is one of the most common mistakes for which we end up with a wobbly beer belly. When we accompany beer with fatty foods or other stuff, these are often not particularly healthy, fried or salty snacks, with a high caloric content. If we add the two or three beers you can drink and the food, the conditions are perfect for that wobbly beer belly.

How to Lose your Beer Belly - The choice of beer

Caring for food

The best place to control food and the most difficult time is at our homes. We decide which is the food that enters our fridges and pantry and what not and what have you. Thus, avoid buying beer, because if you are aware that you only get close to the refrigerator, it will be much more difficult to avoid. We must avoid eating bread. Opt for those lovely foods such as salads, accompanied with a little oil, and cooked fruit and grilled dishes. As for the drink, we must also avoid other liquids like soda and try to drink water when you are thirsty. When put into practice this can be more difficult, but with willpower it can be achieved. Fight the evil urge to have a beer or a fattening cola. It's best to satisfy your hunger between meals with fruit, and evening meals should be lighter meals.

How to Lose your Beer Belly - Caring for food

A bit of exercise

It is not necessary to carry out high intensity workouts, but you must combine proper nutrition with an active body. Try jogging, take walks, or cycling. Some of the most recommended exercises are pilates. In this article you can see how to do pilates at home. The recommended fat burner is aerobic exercise, such as cycling, running or even aerobics. So, we need to strengthen the abdominal area, but also to help the body burn calories. It is important to note that exercise goes hand in hand with the previous steps: choose the beer carefully, drink no more than three and eat a proper diet. It will be difficult to get good results if you don't follow these guidelines.

How to Lose your Beer Belly - A bit of exercise

This article is merely informative, oneHOWTO does not have the authority to prescribe any medical treatments or create a diagnosis. We invite you to visit your doctor if you have any type of condition or pain.

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How to Lose your Beer Belly
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How to Lose your Beer Belly

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