How To Know If I'm Paranoid

How To Know If I'm Paranoid

Paranoia, from an etymological point of view, means out of mind. And this meaning is quite related to the definition given by psychiatrists, as this is a mental disorder characterized by the existence of repetitive delusions and self-referential. It can become a serious chronic condition varying in intensity, with serious consequences for daily life and relationships. In this article, we explain how to know if you are paranoid.

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There are different features that can indicate whether or not you're a paranoid person. Generally, individuals with a tendency to self-centeredness, narcissism and problems of low self-esteem are quite likely to become paranoid personalities. The symptoms to detect a person with potential for developing a paranoid disorder are much more common than we might imagine, and sometimes it is very difficult to know when it is a real mental health problem.


We will tell you the different features that can be symptoms of having a paranoid disorder. One of the most important is distrust when considered excessive and somewhat pathological, it can certainly affect sanity. Another important symptom is the presence of quite realistic delusions, which indeed seem so real that can be seen as true.


People prone to paranoia are usually very hostile with the environment around them, and usually resent the smallest contempt or different opinion. A trait that defines them very clearly is low self-esteem, which leads them to always think the worst and in the negative.


They are very egocentric, which leads them to not accept anyone's opinion. And they are inflexible and very authoritarian with everyone. They do not agree with people with opposing views and do not accept criticism, which makes them very complex people to deal with. They also show total emotional coldness and no empathy.


One of the clearest signs of possible paranoid behavior is the difficulty of establishing and maintaining relationships. As well as a tendency to suffer depressive episodes, when they reach a high depressive state paranoid ideas are enhanced. According to who you are, the person with this disorder behaves differently.


Paranoia is not easily detectable or predictable, we must look at the symptoms we have discussed but especially at excessive jealousy, stress or excessive distrust. It is a progressive mental disorder and its progress is very gradual, to detect it you must be very well informed because the symptoms can be explained otherwise.

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