How to Know if I'm an Alcoholic - Main Signs

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By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Know if I'm an Alcoholic - Main Signs

Drinking is a social act, which is why for many people it is difficult to understand that they have a harmful relationship with alcohol. It is not easy to identify if we have an addiction problem with alcohol but the first step is to admit that something is not right so that you can move on with overcoming the situation. If you've ever questioned about how to know if you're an alcoholic on we give you the main signs that your drinking is a problem.

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Steps to follow:


When you find it difficult to control the amount you drink . No matter the type of alcohol you drink you always end up drunk. If you don't know what the signs to stop are, you may have a problem with alcohol.

How to Know if I'm an Alcoholic - Main Signs - Step 1

Many people define themselves as social drinkers: if you need to or you do drink before you start your day, whether daily or many times a week, if you drink when you're not in social situations you are not a social drinker, and you may be having problems with alcohol.

How to Know if I'm an Alcoholic - Main Signs - Step 2

If your family or friends you have made comments about your drinking and these comments bothered you, if your drinking is the cause of concern and discussion with those around you, it's possible that others have noticed your drinking behavior is out of control.

You must understand if the closest people to you notice your way of drinking isn't normal maybe they are detecting something you can't assume: you have a drinking problem.

How to Know if I'm an Alcoholic - Main Signs - Step 3

It is normal that some situations make people feel the need to drink to relax and forget their problems for a moment, but this attitude is not a solution to anything. If your drinking has caused you problems at home, at work or elsewhere, pay attention. For example, if drinking has led to arguments with your spouse, decreased performance at work, or if you are drinking to forget your problems, you may be an alcoholic.


Have you been trying to stop drinking for some time unsuccessfully? If the answer is yes you may need help to take this important step and lead a much calmer life. When it's not possible for us to leave alcohol even for short periods of time, there may be a drinking addiction.

How to Know if I'm an Alcoholic - Main Signs - Step 5

When you drink do you do so at a moderate or hurried pace? If at a social gathering you drink one drink after another for fear is over or not being able to drink enough you are manifesting compulsive behavior towards alcohol.


When others have spoken to you to advise you or to criticize your drinking you usually say you could stop whenever you want, but in reality you can't stop and don't know how to stay sober for long.


If besides all these signs you have had several blackouts after drinking, you are frequently absent from work, school or your responsibilities due to hangovers and think your life would be much better if you knew how to drink or not to feel attracted alcohol you are showing significant signs to know you're an alcoholic.

How to Know if I'm an Alcoholic - Main Signs - Step 8

There is no reason to feel ashamed for having a drinking problem, what is important is that you express the desire to change and move forward. Go to the nearest Alcoholics Anonymous in your community and share your experience with others who feel the same way


Find help, alcohol addiction is a serious problem that is not solved by itself and can also affect your health dramatically. Your will is the difference between leading a calmer, happier life or always relying on alcohol to feel satisfied. Professionals will help you deal with the problems in your life in a positive way instead of escaping them through alcohol abuse.

Find out what are the consequences of drinking alcohol for more information on the health effects of alcohol.

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  • Alcoholics Anonymous is one of the main sources for support and to treat your addiction
  • If you are not comfortable in AA then go to a particular professional
  • Overcoming an addiction requires all your desire and willingness but you can also seek support from your loved ones
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How to Know if I'm an Alcoholic - Main Signs