Knowing if you are pregnant

How to know if I am pregnant

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By Max. D Gray. Updated: July 3, 2017
How to know if I am pregnant

Women with a sexually active life may think that a simple delay in their menstrual cycle is a sign of pregnancy. Whether you are trying for a baby or not, you should know that this is not the only symptom of a baby being on the way, and that the absence of menstruation or its delay may be due to iron deficiency, stress, poor diet, hormonal problems and even malnutrition. To clarify all doubts at we tell you the indicators on how to tell if you are pregnant.

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Steps to follow:


When the fertilized ovary is still in the womb your body secretes a hormone called hCG, which is what is detected in pregnancy tests and the hormone responsible for the first symptoms of pregnancy, however, keep in mind that the intensity of these will depend on your body. It is very important that you only do a pregnancy test if you are between 10 and 15 days late, otherwise the test will be negative because your body has not yet secreted the hormone.

You may experience a 2 day period, though it will not be a full flow but rather spotting. The color of your period will be an unusual brown or pink color too.


The first symptom is, as you know, the absence of periods. Women who have a regular menstrual cycle are often the first to quickly suspect the possibility of pregnancy; it is more complicated for women with irregular periods and for them a test is the best way to tell if there is a baby on the way.


Another classic symptom is the presence of light bleeding due to the implantation of the fertilized egg in the uterus. Some women mistake this bleeding with menstruation, which can lead to the pregnancy being detected at a late stage.


Abdominal pains are another sign of pregnancy; many women also confuse these with the discomfort of menstruation, a matter which causes some confusion. Going to the toilet very often can also be a sign, as your body will create more fluids than usual during pregnancy.

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The increase in size, dakrening and tenderness of breasts, together with the feeling of fatigue and consistent sleepiness, are present in the first weeks of pregnancy, and are a symptom that you should pay attention to.


Some classic signals such as nausea, vomiting and dizziness, along with repulsion or desire for certain foods, may not be present in pregnancy, so although they are considered the most typical identifiers it is now known that they are not as common as you might think and there are more unequivocal signs, as mentioned above.


As you can see, as they are very similar, many women confuse classic symptoms of the days prior to the start of a period (bloating, abdominal discomfort, breast pain) with pregnancy.

To avoid confusion it is important to understand how ovulation works and what are our fertile days. If in doubt, consult your gynaecologist.

This article is merely informative, oneHOWTO does not have the authority to prescribe any medical treatments or create a diagnosis. We invite you to visit your doctor if you have any type of condition or pain.

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  • If you do a home pregnancy test and the result is positive immediately go to your doctor for a specialized review
  • If following the absence of menstruation you have made tested for pregnancy at home and had a blood test and both prove negative you should go to your doctor immediately to determine the cause of the delay
  • If you are not sexually active the time when your period has been delayed, you should see a doctor to determine what should be done.
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How to know if I am pregnant