How to Hide Your Baby Bump

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Hide Your Baby Bump

If you are here, it is because like many other women today, you want to wait a little longer to make your pregnancy public.

The news can wait but what about your belly? The body undergoes remarkable changes during pregnancy, but during the first few weeks, you can hide your baby bump without too much fuss, and at we'll show you how.

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Steps to follow:

Wear baggy clothes. This will stop the stomach from showing when it begins to grow, and also when you begin to feel it touching your clothing. This will also offer greater comfort and safety for you and your baby during pregnancy because you should not wear tight clothes. A great way to do so is to wear loose fitting blouses that will look great and are also fashionable, making your stomach practically imperceptible.

How to Hide Your Baby Bump - Step 1

Wear colors that make you look thinner. It is common to start to gain weight during the first months of pregnancy, so it is best to dress in dark-colored clothing that is straight cut and with vertical lines. These will make you look taller and thinner.

How to Hide Your Baby Bump - Step 2

Avoid plunging necklines. During pregnancy, your breasts begin to grow. You'll need to cover them up so that others do not realize you are expecting a baby. For this reason, it is best to avoid plunging necklines and better to opt for round or square necks.


Layer your clothes, wear a darker waistcoat or blazer that covers the area of your stomach, this way it will partially hide the bump. Plus, you'll be able to wear whatever you want underneath.

How to Hide Your Baby Bump - Step 4

Use skater type dresses or with an a-cut, this means you still get to show off your figure but take all the attention away from your stomach.

Using a belt on your waist with other dresses will also take the focus off your belly and will help the dress to have more of a flare.

How to Hide Your Baby Bump - Step 5

Wear a cross-body bag towards the front. It's a good option to detract from your growing stomach that is forming the typical pregnant shape. Mind you do not carry anything heavy that could strike the fetus or which may give you backache.


Do not wear maternity clothing. Although maternity clothes are much more comfortable, it is best to avoid them for now. Even though you'll no doubt need to wear them within a few months, their designs are very traditional and people will quickly realize you're pregnant.

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How to Hide Your Baby Bump
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How to Hide Your Baby Bump

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