How to Get Rid of Lice with Tea Tree Oil

How to Get Rid of Lice with Tea Tree Oil

If you have got school kids in your home then chances are that they would bring lice from another kid into your home which can then spread to entire family. Lice can spread by sharing combs or hats or pillows or any personal item of the lice infested person. They can even spread by hugging a lice infested person. So, if one family member gets lice it won’t take much time to spread onto others. In market there are a number of chemical products available which claims to treat lice. Most of these products contain harsh chemicals which can play havoc with the sensitive scalp of your kids and yours too. So, it’s best to opt for a natural treatment. In this OneHowTo article we're going to explain you how to get rid of lice with tea tree oil, so you can treat your kid's scalp with the best natural remedies.

Overnight treatment with Tea Tree Oil

When you have children it is important to check their head for lice, as it is quite common that they got infested at school. If you find lice on your child's scalp start applying these remedies that will surely work.

The first remedy for getting rid of lice with tea tree oil is applying it on the scalp before going to bed.

  1. Before getting in bed sprinkle few drops of tea tree oil over the lice infected hair and scalp.
  2. Tie your hair up in a towel and then go to sleep.
  3. Next morning after you get up take a nit comb and comb through your hair. Dead lice and nits will come out and can be seen in between the comb’s teeth.
  4. After combing all your hair, wash your hair with a shampoo and conditioner containing tea tree oil.
  5. Disinfect the nit comb after each use.
  6. Repeat regularly till your head is free of lice.

Lavender oil and tea tree oil treatment

Lavender oil is known to kill a variety of bacteria, fungi and insects. So, when used with tea tree oil it can prove to be a very effective remedy against lice. For getting rid of lice mix lavender oil along with tea tree oil in the ratio 1:2 and use it in the same way as the above method.

It is possible that you have an allergic reaction when using lavender oil. To avoid this, make sure you do a patch test before applying it on your entire hair. Also, pregnant and breast feeding women are advised to not use the lavender oil.

Tea tree oil spray

This is very simple yet effective remedy.

  1. First of all, take a spray bottle containing water. Then take and eye dropper and fill it with tea tree oil.
  2. Take the filled eyedropper and drop 2-3 drops of tea tree oil into the water in the spray bottle.
  3. Shake the bottle well and then spray it on hair.
  4. Rub the spray all over your scalp and hair so that it distributes evenly.
  5. Repeat the same process everyday till all the lice die.

You can also use the spray on pillows or other daily use items of the lice infested person.

Tea tree oil shampoo

It is also advisable to wash your hair with tea tree oil shampoo, since this will help you even more to get rid of lice.

  1. Take 1 teaspoon of tea tree oil, 3 tablespoon of coconut/olive oil and 2 tablespoon of shampoo and mix them to form a solution.
  2. Apply it evenly throughout the hair and scalp.
  3. Cover your hair with a towel for at least 30 minutes.
  4. After 30 minutes, comb your hair with a nit comb to remove dead lice.
  5. Rinse with warm water.
  6. Repeat the same process everyday till your head is lice free.

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