How To Get Rid Of Fluid In Lungs

How To Get Rid Of Fluid In Lungs

Pulmonary edema, or what is also known as the fluid accumulated in the lungs, has its origin in heart failure. It is a serious disease because it is caused by a heart deficiency. Furthermore, it can also arise in other major diseases such as pneumonia. However, pulmonary oedema has a cure, on we explain how to get rid of fluid in the lungs.

Steps to follow:

Water in the lungs usually causes breathing difficulties. It is necessary for patients to receive help to breathe better in addition to treatment to improve their condition.


Oxygen can be supplied by a mask or by a tube entering through the nose. Thus you receive it directly and it helps you breathe easier while improving your pulmonary edema.


A device known as PEEP transmits positive pressure to the lungs at the end of inspiration, helping the patient to breathe.


Medication that controls the heart rate is required, with this the water in the lungs will fade gradually.


A tube in the trachea performed by tracheotomy will help the patient breathe and feel better. Many times this small operation is necessary to make any advancements in the patient's improvement.


Diuretics in pill form generate a much faster and direct effect, helping the patient go to the bathroom to expel large quantities of water accumulated in the lungs. This is a treatment that may be advised in some cases.


Any treatment for pulmonary edema should be directly supervised by a qualified, as only trained personnel can monitor the patient's progress.

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