How to Get Rid of a Cold with Home Remedies

How to Get Rid of a Cold with Home Remedies

Temperature changes, the cold, the wind, the arrival of winter or even the arrival of summer and the use of air conditioning can weaken our immune systems and make us prone to catching colds and more colds. As colds are caused by viral infection, there is no known cure to get rid of them. Although preventing them is possible, once we are sick we can only ease the symptoms try to feel better as soon as possible. But the solution is not only in medicine, some tricks at home will help you feel much better. In oneHOWTO we explain how to get rid of a cold with home remedies.

Steps to follow:

A honey and lemon mixture is the ultimate remedy to get rid of a cold. You can take a teaspoonful of honey with the juice of half a lemon or mix these in a hot infusion. The hot liquid will alleviate the symptoms and will decongest your nose , the lemon provides vitamin C and honey has natural anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that will reduce swelling and keep germs at bay.


If the cold has completely blocked your nose producing an uncomfortable sensation, there is a simple form to alleviate this symptom and breath better: steam. Place water and some eucalyptus plants in a pot, wait for it to boil and release its aroma. Turn off the heat and very cautiously approach the pot and breathe in the vapors. To make this home remedy more effective, surround your face with a towel, so the steam will be more concentrated.


If your cold only consists of a general unrest, sneezing and a little headache, honey with hot milk is also a great home remedy to alleviate your symptoms. This option is only recommended when there is no mucous or phlegm, as the milk tends to increase its production, that is why only relies on this if you are free of phlegm.


Ginger is another great anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agent that exists. Suffice to boil a bit of water and pour fresh ginger fresh into the pot, leave boiling for several minutes and then drink the infusion. Drink this mixture several times a day for best results.

If you have a big headache, take a look at our article on home remedies for a headache due to cold.


Another effective home remedy for a cold that will allow you to get rid of nose congestion is saline solution. This is a simple preparation that you can do at home in several simple steps to relieve your nose mucous and fight the symptoms of this condition.


It is very common to take vitamin supplements like Vitamin C and Zinc to boost the immune system and help you fend off the common cold virus. Taking vitamin supplements isn't recommended for everyone, so make sure that vitamins are right for you and that you stick to the recommended dose.


Amla juice is also a very powerful fruit to get rid of a cold with home remedies. The amount of vitamins it contains helps boost your immune system so it can effectively fight your cold. You can learn how to make amla juice here.


Onion is actually a natural expectorant, therefore, it can help relieve mucus and heavy coughs, two common symptoms of colds. Take a look at our article on why onion is good for colds for more information on the subject.


If you think you can have a sore throat consult this article to discover some good home remedies to soothe it. And if you have mucus in your throat, this article has some great tips on clearing it.

Remember that in addition to the home remedies to alleviate a cold, it is very important that you rest properly, this will help you recover quickly and return to your daily activities faster.

Moreover, when you have a cold, your immune system is weakened, making you more prone to catching another illness. For this reason, and to prevent contamination of others, it is highly recommended to wash your hands regularly and properly.

This article is merely informative, oneHOWTO does not have the authority to prescribe any medical treatments or create a diagnosis. We invite you to visit your doctor if you have any type of condition or pain.

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