How to Follow a Brewer's Yeast Diet to Lose Weight

By Max. D Gray. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Follow a Brewer's Yeast Diet to Lose Weight

Brewer's yeast is a fermentation which comes from the decomposition of barley and is obtained during the manufacture of beer. It is a single-celled fungus that is used as a nutritional supplement due to its large amount of protein, vitamins, minerals and amino acids, which allows it to be used as a diet supplement without you feeling hungry. If you consume it in the right way, you'll see a quick result if you use it to lose weight as it contains no fat. However, in order to learn how to follow a brewer's yeast diet to lose weight, follow these OneHowTo tips.

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Steps to follow:

In order to lose weight by consuming brewer's yeast, you first need to ensure the yeast is alive when you buy it. You can check the label on its packaging when buying it in the shop. This is essential for the yeast to have the desired effect.


It is important to learn about the slimming properties of brewer's yeast as it is used very frequently to promote loss of body fat, thanks to its ingredients and their many benefits. Below, we'll detail them one by one to help you understand why they will help you to lose weight:

Low fat

This yeast is a rich source of carbohydrates but it contains little fat, so it is ideal for giving you vitality and energy throughout the day, without your body suffering. Take it early in the day to avoid excess energy from the carbohydrates which can end up being stored in your body as saturated fat.

Improves the intestinal transit

Another property of brewer's yeast is that it helps to promote a better intestinal transit i.e. it allows food to be metabolised better in the body, by helping to eliminate toxins and prevent constipation and any other alterations to your body's functioning. This is because it is high in fibre.

Controls appetite

This is one of the best properties in brewer's yeast for losing weight. When it is introduced into your body together with a liquid, it expands in size and makes you feel much fuller and satisfied with less food. It is a perfect choice for reducing hunger between meals and for filling your body with very healthy nutrients.

Vitamin B

This vitamin is perfect for your body in general as it contributes to its proper functioning, but it also affects your metabolism by making it work in a better way. It ensures that the energy from food is used for bodily functions and is not stored as fat.

How to Follow a Brewer's Yeast Diet to Lose Weight - Step 2

One of the best ways of taking it is to replace one of your regular meals with a yeast smoothie. These smoothies are full of essential amino acids, minerals and vitamins, so replacing a meal with one will guarantee a balanced diet and is the best way of burning fat.

If you wanted to gain weight with brewer's yeast, you would have to reverse this action and add it to your food rather than replacing a meal, because yeast is also indicated for weight gain.

OneHowTo provides some alternatives on how to take brewer's yeast.

How to Follow a Brewer's Yeast Diet to Lose Weight - Step 3

There are different formats of yeast: flaked, liquid or in capsules. It is recommended in flaked form because this is the easiest way of adding it to any type of liquid such as juice, smoothies, milk or water, although it is true that it is easier to take it in capsule form when out and about.


Another way of consuming brewer's yeast to lose weight is to consume it on an empty stomach 30 minutes before breakfast. It is recommended that you do it for a month and allow the body to rest for two weeks before starting again. Another way to take it is to include it in your daily food intake. However, you should eat less food if you are going to add yeast.


If you find that you feel hungrier during the day, eat vegetables and fruits to counteract the feeling. It is important that all other meals in your diet are low in calories so that you can lose weight more easily when combined with brewer's yeast. OneHowTo gives you the key ways of dieting so you know how to eat and lose weight.

How to Follow a Brewer's Yeast Diet to Lose Weight - Step 6

In order to slim when taking brewer's yeast, you should eat between 20 and 30 grams per day. Although there is no specific dose to take, you are looking to feel full and not consume other food. With this nutritional supplement, you'll have the necessary nutrients for a meal whilst avoiding fats. Thanks to the amino acids it contains, you can burn existing fat by stimulating your metabolism.

Here are some ways to easily speed up the metabolism.

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How to Follow a Brewer's Yeast Diet to Lose Weight
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How to Follow a Brewer's Yeast Diet to Lose Weight

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