How to find peace through Meditation

By Sara . Updated: January 16, 2017
How to find peace through Meditation

Meditation is a soulful activity. It helps people in finding the tranquil point inside our body, mind and soul. Meditation helps to put a veil between our thoughts and our stress and worries. Meditation of a few minutes every day can leave us fresh and peaceful. A stressed mind always makes mistakes as stress hinders our thought process and hence we cannot perform a job with a hundred percent dedication due to which mistakes can happen. But the few minutes of quietness in the morning through meditation can bring our stress levels down and increase the peace of mind. This article will tell you how to find peace through meditation.

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For meditation, the best place is one where you can feel positive vibrations. It can be in a particular corner of your home or a place outside your home in between the lap of nature. The place should be quiet and somewhere you would not be distracted.


Sit on a floor or mat with legs crossed. Keep the right hand over left hand such that the palms of both hands are facing upwards and then place both hands on your lap. The main thing about meditation is being comfortable. So, adjust your position till you feel comfortable in it. Close your eyes and smile. Smile brings a feeling of positivity within a person.


Begin your meditation by focusing on your own breathing. Breathe in deeply and focus attention on your parts of body and organs like lungs, abdomen etc. With each inhaling breath, take in the joy that the world has to offer. Feel the joy coursing through each cell of your body. Then exhale slowly and feel the tension flying away. Let go of all the ties of this world and feel yourself fully and completely.

How to find peace through Meditation - Breathing

Body and Mind

Once you have focused on your breathing and are aware of yourself, shift the focus to your body. Feel each part of your body starting from head to toe. Relax the muscles and try to find the blocks in your body where you are feeling tense. After recognizing them, start releasing each block through each breath exhaled. Relax your whole being. Focus on the situation or person due to which you are in stress and forgive the person or situation.

Once you truly forgive from the heart, the whole body and mind becomes free of the blocks, take in the peace of the world and spread it through your being. Let the peace envelop your mind. Once your mind is enveloped by the peaceful curtain, shift your focus on things that make you happy and the things you want to achieve in life. Feel the satisfaction that you gather from these thoughts.

Spread the peace

Once you feel that the happiness has seeped through every pore of your body, it’s time to share this peace with the world. Feel your every cell radiating out the peace. Just as a diamond shines when light falls upon it, feel your soul shining with the peace. The shine is so bright that it has penetrated every cell and is now going out into the world. Pray that all the miseries of world will end and smile as if you believe in this. Then after some time, slowly open your eyes and enjoy the new found freshness and peace.

How to find peace through Meditation - Spread the peace

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How to find peace through Meditation
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How to find peace through Meditation

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