How to Find Out if I Talk in my Sleep

By Nidhi Nangia. February 6, 2017
How to Find Out if I Talk in my Sleep

Sleep talking is a kind of sleep disorder in which you talk unconsciously while sleeping. Talking while asleep can range from nonsensical mumbles to totally logical and clear statements. It can happen to males, females and children alike, and may be caused due to a number of factors like alcohol, stress, sleep deprivation, drug abuse, anxiety etc. Sometimes, it can be combined with another sleep disorder as well, like confused arousal, night terrors, sleep apnoea, REM behavior disorder, sleepwalking or others. If you are mindful, this oneHOWTO article will tell you how to find out if I talk in my sleep.

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To be true, you can’t find it out by yourself

To be honest, you can never know that you talk in your sleep. Once you sleep, you can’t listen to your own words. Your mind goes into deep state of unconsciousness, and you can't find out what's going inside you and even around you. You will get an impression of having a dream, and will never know that you are actually talking out aloud. So, you just can’t find it out on your own, unless someone else points it out.

Ask someone to sleep with you

If you sleep with a partner, he or she will definitely tell you that you talk in your sleep. But if you sleep alone, you can ask some sibling, parent, friend or relative to sleep with you. When you talk out, he or she may awake and listen to it. But if it is just a mumble, and if your partner goes in deep sleep himself, he or she may not be able to notice it. Sometimes, you may not talk at all in your sleep on the day you call someone to sleep with you. So, this may not be a fool proof way to find out if you talk in your sleep or not. But if you regularly sleep with a partner, he or she will surely notice it one day or the other, and tell you about it.

Use an audio recorder

You can setup an audio recording system and keep it by your bed side so that your talks and snores can be recorded in it. But you don’t exactly know on which day and during which time you are going to talk. So, you will need to listen to each and every second of the night long audio, only to find out that you did not talk at all last night. Will you repeat the entire process again the next day? So, use your own judgment and record your own audio for a night.

How to Find Out if I Talk in my Sleep - Use an audio recorder

Download an app

If you suspect that you sleep talk and want to listen to your own mumbling during sleep, you can download an app on your handheld device and use it to record yourself while asleep. Instead of recording your audio for a complete 7-9 hours sleep, these apps (such as Sleep Talk Recorder) record only when your voice is heard. This means that you don’t need to listen to an 8 hours long audio, with a hope to catch a single mumble or hiss. Some good apps also allow you to upload your recording to the app’s home page or main feed. You may need to install more than one apps to find out the best app that works perfectly fine for you.

How to Find Out if I Talk in my Sleep - Download an app

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How to Find Out if I Talk in my Sleep
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How to Find Out if I Talk in my Sleep

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